Scrapping it

I have had creative block when it comes to scrapbooking lately. First its just hard to find the time to be by myself, not tired, nothing else to do, and feel inspired. Secondly I just can’t seem to flow or feel creative enough. And third is that my scrapbooking room looks like a tornado literally destroyed it. It’s a mix of all my scrapping stuff, sewing stuff, baby storage, Brandon’s gear, Brandon’s mini studio. Basically anything and everything is in there.

But somewhere in there I found some time this week where Sawyer was sleeping, and I wasn’t. And decided my scrapbooking calendar was 3 months behind, and I should probably do something about that. So I sat on my bedroom floor and went to it. Two simple layouts. Not feeling inspired yourself? When I am having days like that I use other layouts as inspiration. Both these came from a scrapbook trends magazine. Similar layouts, completely different themes and color, but just enough of a start to my own layout.Don’t feel bad about using other work as inspiration. Your never going to have all the exact same stuff, so it will have your own spin on it anyways. And there is never completely original idea’s, everyone feels inspired from something. In fact if my stuff inspires others I would feel honored and excited about it! (If you do ever copycat me I would love to see it! email me at!) I love having some color and pictures on my calendar finally. So I will share with you March and April. And maybe I get January and May done this weekend!

And something I am still currently working on! I will share this project and some other pinterest inspired projects around my house later this week! Be sure to check back with me!

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