Auntie Kimmy visits

As you can usually tell, I am pretty good about posting, unless someone is visiting. I have said it in the past. Its better to live in those moments that be blogging. So here is the breakdown of our Auntie Kimmy’s week!

We got to go to Gymboree, since Kimmy is a Gymboree teacher! And even though Sawyer is not completely sure about Gymboree, we managed to go three times this week! We went to a trial class. And Sawyer hated it! Haha I think a little overwhelming. But he did love watching the other kids! And then we went to two drop in free play times. And it was a bit better since he had the whole place to himself!

We went to all the baby consignment stores and Auntie Kimmy cleared out all their good items. We were part of a garage sale. We spent a day at the pool. We went to a movie. We hosted a mommy and me play date. We got to meet Sawyers cousin little braxton. (though from the ultrasound, he’s going to be very different than sawyer in one big way! He was about as camera shy as you can be haha!) Kimmy babysat for a night out for mommy and daddy. And we took a whole set of maternity pictures! Yay! I cant wait to get them all up! (though I am still trying to get her to let me take a few more!)

It was a great week, and a fun visit. I am sure Sawyer will miss waking up to Auntie Kimmy as much as I will miss not waking up to either of them till much later in the morning!

And for those of you who didn’t catch it, Sawyers CATscan will be thursday morning at 8am. He will be in light sedation (I’m not 100% sure what that means.) Hopefully it will be a quick appointment, and we can move on to the surgery date as soon as possible!

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