A CATscan

Today was the much anticipated CATscan. I feel like it’s literally been an eternity since finding out about craniosynostosis. So it feels so good to finally be doing something about it. Our day started at 5 am, I stood over the crib of a perfect sleeping baby. Everything in the house was quiet and peaceful. I pulled our little guy out of bed to have an extra bottle. Not needing it and wondering why on earth I was doing it, he barely finished 4 ounces. But it was enough to hold him over this morning. Sawyer wasn’t allowed to eat anything after 6am, because of the sedation.

That’s where the peaceful part of the morning ended. It always seems fitting on your most stressful days, what can go wrong does go wrong. We were late leaving the house, the gas light turned on as soon as we hit the freeway, hit as much traffic as possible. Made it just in time, but couldn’t find the building with no name on it. Just not the way I envisioned it, but it never is.

And maybe that’s why I got the sweetest staff and nurses. It helped that Sawyer was wearing his custom mini scrubs. (Thank you Denise, they are too adorable!) The nurses couldn’t get enough of him. There is no better feeling for a mom in a hospital with a baby, than having nurses who understand your losing your mind.

It was a very fast procedure. They gave him a liquid sedative orally by a syringe. He was asleep within minutes. By the time they came back to check on him he was one limp baby. We were escorted to another room where the CT machine was. I was allowed to stay by his side the entire time. I watched them slide my little baby’s head into a giant hollow orb. The machine clicked on and started to whirl around that tiny little baby. It was over in less than 5 minutes. He was so sedated, That when I got to pick him back up I had to be extremely careful with his neck and limbs. We sat together for the next hour. They had a glider for us to sit in, and we just sat and cuddled. He was so peaceful.

After an hour we started to wake him, changing him, laying him on the bed, and rubbing his face. Those little eyelids were so heavy. He woke just enough to drink a small bottle and allow us to leave. He’s been tired most of the morning, and is just waking up now. He’s my little trouper, and we are done another step of this process. Thank you to everyone for all the continued support. I am so touched every time we receive a message. Sometimes they are what make the day a little brighter. Truly thank you, from both Brandon and I. And hopefully we’ll have a surgery date soon!

7 thoughts on “A CATscan”

  1. Thank you so much for keeping this blog:) We all truly care about you and Brandon and of course Sawyer! So happy that Kimmy was there by your side to keep you somewhat sane:) xo

  2. Thanks Brenda! Im so glad people actually read the blog haha! I have been so surprised since writing about all these medical experiences, how many people are writing me about them!
    Thanks for caring. That’s all we need sometimes. Just to know someone out there does!

    1. You have Brandon and a huge support system……but always nice to have your sister beside you….Truly appreciate the updates (and the pics!)…..xox Auntie K

  3. Thank you for your shout out to nurses! We care for those little guys so much- it hurts sometimes. Sometime we can all get so worked up by something, a procedure or a diagnosis, but the children are so amazing, resilient and always manage to smile on. You have a strong little boy!

    1. Michaela, with all these health care experiences getting more and more frustrating, the one thing I always have a positive thing to say about is the nurses. From my monitoring nurses during my high risk months, to the delivery nurses and now all of Sawyers nurses. Always more concerned than the doctor, always willing to chat with me and really make me feel at ease. I know it was nurses week last week, so thank you for all your love you give to everyone you see personally. Couldn’t do it without you guys!

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