A CATscan

Today was the much anticipated CATscan. I feel like it’s literally been an eternity since finding out about craniosynostosis. So it feels so good to finally be doing something about it. Our day started at 5 am, I stood over the crib of a perfect sleeping baby. Everything in the house was quiet and peaceful. I pulled our little guy out of bed to have an extra bottle. Not needing it and wondering why on earth I was doing it, he barely finished 4 ounces. But it was enough to hold him over this morning. Sawyer wasn’t allowed to eat anything after 6am, because of the sedation.

That’s where the peaceful part of the morning ended. It always seems fitting on your most stressful days, what can go wrong does go wrong. We were late leaving the house, the gas light turned on as soon as we hit the freeway, hit as much traffic as possible. Made it just in time, but couldn’t find the building with no name on it. Just not the way I envisioned it, but it never is.

And maybe that’s why I got the sweetest staff and nurses. It helped that Sawyer was wearing his custom mini scrubs. (Thank you Denise, they are too adorable!) The nurses couldn’t get enough of him. There is no better feeling for a mom in a hospital with a baby, than having nurses who understand your losing your mind.

It was a very fast procedure. They gave him a liquid sedative orally by a syringe. He was asleep within minutes. By the time they came back to check on him he was one limp baby. We were escorted to another room where the CT machine was. I was allowed to stay by his side the entire time. I watched them slide my little baby’s head into a giant hollow orb. The machine clicked on and started to whirl around that tiny little baby. It was over in less than 5 minutes. He was so sedated, That when I got to pick him back up I had to be extremely careful with his neck and limbs. We sat together for the next hour. They had a glider for us to sit in, and we just sat and cuddled. He was so peaceful.

After an hour we started to wake him, changing him, laying him on the bed, and rubbing his face. Those little eyelids were so heavy. He woke just enough to drink a small bottle and allow us to leave. He’s been tired most of the morning, and is just waking up now. He’s my little trouper, and we are done another step of this process. Thank you to everyone for all the continued support. I am so touched every time we receive a message. Sometimes they are what make the day a little brighter. Truly thank you, from both Brandon and I. And hopefully we’ll have a surgery date soon!

Auntie Kimmy visits

As you can usually tell, I am pretty good about posting, unless someone is visiting. I have said it in the past. Its better to live in those moments that be blogging. So here is the breakdown of our Auntie Kimmy’s week!

We got to go to Gymboree, since Kimmy is a Gymboree teacher! And even though Sawyer is not completely sure about Gymboree, we managed to go three times this week! We went to a trial class. And Sawyer hated it! Haha I think a little overwhelming. But he did love watching the other kids! And then we went to two drop in free play times. And it was a bit better since he had the whole place to himself!

We went to all the baby consignment stores and Auntie Kimmy cleared out all their good items. We were part of a garage sale. We spent a day at the pool. We went to a movie. We hosted a mommy and me play date. We got to meet Sawyers cousin little braxton. (though from the ultrasound, he’s going to be very different than sawyer in one big way! He was about as camera shy as you can be haha!) Kimmy babysat for a night out for mommy and daddy. And we took a whole set of maternity pictures! Yay! I cant wait to get them all up! (though I am still trying to get her to let me take a few more!)

It was a great week, and a fun visit. I am sure Sawyer will miss waking up to Auntie Kimmy as much as I will miss not waking up to either of them till much later in the morning!

And for those of you who didn’t catch it, Sawyers CATscan will be thursday morning at 8am. He will be in light sedation (I’m not 100% sure what that means.) Hopefully it will be a quick appointment, and we can move on to the surgery date as soon as possible!

Cranio Care Bears Auction.

Hey guys I am just sharing this because the more people who vote, the higher the bid,s the better their charity does!

You have heard me mention Cranio Care Bears before. I’ve brought it up a couple times in past medical posts. It was started by two mom’s who’s son’s underwent surgery for craniosynostosis. They use donated items and money to put together care packages for children with craniosynostosis. I also have spent a fair amount of time reading the success stories on their website. They are extremely sweet ladies with a very worthy cause!

The next 2 weeks on their facebook page they are having an online silent auction. Place your bid, and see if you win some of the cool prizes. Or if you want to donate your own items you can message them a picture and starting bid+shippping prices. All the money goes directly to the care packages, and its tax deductible!

I just wanted to share it since we have a special place in our hearts for this cause!

First Appointment.

After much frustration yesterday. And maybe one not so nice message left on the answering machine, Brandon finally got a call back. We have an appointment for Sawyers CATscan. May 11th. Over 30 days from the last appointment. Which means we go back for another consultation before the surgery. Which will not be scheduled until after this test now.

Its at 8 am and he is not allowed to eat 2 hrs prior to the appointment. So I will get up at 5:30 to feed him a bottle to last him into the CATscan. Hopefully it will be on time. They will be sedating him, and it is a clinic that¬†regularly¬†see’s babies. (side not: we cannot get the CT done at the hospital because it would not be covered by our insurance. I will never ever begin to understand the american health care system and why anyone thinks its ok for a first world country.) So we have one date. One step closer.

As you can tell this isn’t my usual fluffy positive type of a post. Its just been that kind of a day. Which we are all allowed, but especially on any day we deal with healthcare. Also it could be because I’m posting this at 1 am. (sometimes its just easier to stay up and feed him, than sleep for an hour, yell at the hubby to feed him, realize he’s just as tired, finally get up, sleep in the glider while feeding him and somehow make it back to the bed again.)

And on that note, thank you Brandon for waking up with Sawyer and letting me sleep in 2 days in a row. Thank you, thank you, thank you! It’s been magical. Enjoy it today!