Recovery Day 3.

Both Sawyer and I had a fantastic night of sleep. {special thank you to our night nurse!} I think we were both ready for a solid sleep. I fell asleep typing my last post, at about 11:30 and slept until 6 am. Woke up to Sawyer but she had him back asleep so fast that I just sat down to do an update and all of a sudden I was waking up again 2 hours later.

My mom arrived shortly after to take me to breakfast around 11. We were only gone for an hour at the very most, and when we got back he looked drastically better. I felt like the must have let out the air like a balloon. It almost seemed impossible to improve that well, that fast. Of course to anyone not familiar it still looks very distressing. His eyes have begun to bruise, and they could continue to get worse. They are still very swollen, but the rest of his features, like cheeks and ears and mouth have started to return to normal.

Highlight of the day being that I got to hold Sawyer for the first time, for more than 5 minutes. I did get to hold him yesterday while they changed the sheets. But just standing over the bed. Today I had him in the chair for almost 2 hours and feeding him a bottle. Very sweet but wow has that kid put on some solid weight! He was asleep the whole time so just dead weight+extra fluid weight= some sore legs!

And we only had one mishap today. After being held for so long, our nurse was a little¬†inattentive and didn’t notice Sawyers rising temperature. We went from 99.2 to 102.8. Not a good spike, and it was frustrating that they let it get that high without noticing, and then played it off like it was no big deal. And because of that spike I can’t imagine we would be sent home tomorrow morning. 12 hours from now can’t change the fact that his eyes are still swollen shut, and most importantly that he is on morphine every 2 hours, Tylenol and zantac every 4 hours and barely starting to eat again. He screams as soon as he gets within 20 minutes of his morphine renewal. And it takes a lot to calm him back down. They will not send me home with anything about Tylenol, because with a baby this size he can be easily over dosed. So I just wouldn’t think they can take him off morphine cold turkey like that. But I guess only time can tell.

If we did get discharged we would leave at 11 am. So for all I know this is my last post from the Hospital. {again hoping that doesn’t happen} I feel so blessed this is all we are dealing with. I could share some heartbreaking stories from this weekend. But no one else needs to know them. Doesn’t change anything, except that we should all be a little more grateful for what we have. Did I expect to be grateful to be in the PICU last year? Nope but I am humbled more and more with each conversation I have within these walls. Its even more amazing to see the little kids who can put on a brighter smile while on their second month hooked to IV poles, than most adults.

Good Day. Getting better. Almost done.

11 thoughts on “Recovery Day 3.”

  1. HI Alyssa, I can’t believe that you have the energy to update your blog .. but thank you from all of us who are with you in spirit! Poor little dude looks pretty sore – but it really sounds like all is going well and according to plan. So, dear mommy, the worst is behind you and it’s downhill from here on in! Still praying for you guys, trusting for a speedy recovery! Take care of yourself too. Hugs from Calgary.

    1. I enjoy the break that writing the blog gives me. Brandon was here and he took over any Sawyer needs so I could pull all the pictures and write. I also know I am bad at updating anyone else off facebook, so this is my strongest way of hitting the most people. And that’s important when so many people are taking the time out of their lives to think about ours!

  2. I have been following your posts on fb and now read this. He is looking much better. I cannot imgine how difficult this time must be for Brandon and you. It’s really nice to see all the support And prayers being sent your way. You all are Definetly in my thoughts and I hope for a speedy recovery!

  3. “If we all threw our problems in a pile and saw everyone else’s,we’d grab ours back”

    None of us can imagine what you are going through…what other parents in PICU are enduring…and what sadness those nurses have seen….it is so amazing you can take time to think of others – when you have a right to be pretty upset about what is happening to Sawyer. Shows lovely character. Sawyer is very lucky to have a mom like you. He will be back to normal in no time!

    Love and kisses from far away, Auntie K

  4. His swelling has come down alot in the last picture! As scary as home will be sleeping in his own crib with his own home smells will be really good. Lots of love!

  5. Hi Alissa,

    I have been following all of the posts and your blog as well, and have been thinking about your sweet little boy constantly. I couldn’t help but smile when I saw the pictures today, he does look much better. Thank you for all the updates. Sawyer is very lucky to have you and Brandon. I hope that sawyer has a speedy recovery! Much love.

    1. Thanks! Sawyer is so lucky to have so many people “following” him! He’s going to be the most popular boy ever haha. Its so sweet of everyone to keep following after the big day.

  6. Alissa-
    I came over and read a bit about your precious family.Oh sweet Sawyer is so very darling, I just want to hold him. And give you a BIG hug. Your strength,devotion,and fierce love are a testimony to all of us. Praying for recovery for Sawyer and rest for you.xoxo

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