Recovery Day 4.

Most of you know we were not discharged Sunday morning like some nurses expected. I can’t tell you how relived I was. Sawyer and I both slept well again, due to another great night nurse. I have a theory all the best nurses are night nurses. At least that’s what we have experienced. I was abruptly woken up by a replacement nurse from the NICU, they were short staffed today and she was helping out. I would have thought NICU nurses would be more gentle and understanding of little ones. This was not the case. Without asking me how I felt about it, she cut Sawyer off morphine cold turkey. Then she put the replacing tylenol with codine in his bottle without asking me again. I spent the next hour trying to trick sawyer into eating the bottle. He got very frustrated and upset because of the pain he was now in. At this point my husband had asked for our nurse to return 3 times to try and get everything under control. We never saw her again. They replaced her with another NICU nurse and proved that they do also have souls and care about tiny screams that never seem to end. Needless to say it was a frustrating morning.

They decided to keep Sawyer another night because he was still not able to open his eyes, they were at that point too swollen. However they were remarkably better looking. Never would I have looked a baby and said this looked fantastic but considering where we have been lately, I am thrilled. Every hour seems to get better and better. His color has returned and he is even acting like Sawyer. Movements and sounds he makes touch my heart in so many ways. His fever was down most of the day but its a bit high sitting at 100.5 right now. They don’t seem too concerned about it. They said it could last the first week.

We had such a calm day, Mommy even kicked Grandma out for some quiet time for everyone. It was just what I needed. And I was all recharged in time for a visit from Auntie Jess. Which was great until Sawyer was due for another round of tylenol with codine. He had thrown it up around noon, but I thought it was because it coincided with another dose of medicine. So just as we got to the end of this dose Sawyer threw up everything and more. It just kept coming, I have never personally seen a child throw up that much. It was startling, but he didn’t give me a chance to think about it, because he was so very upset and crying. He was reaching for me and I got to hold him again. To try and comfort him. To my delight Sawyer chose this moment to open his eyes. It was the first time I got a little misty through this whole ordeal. Happy misty. They didn’t open all the way. More like a little peek. Im not even sure he could really see anything. But it was good enough for me. Im sure in the morning he will be able to actually see!

Because he was so agitated from being sick he was very awake. He was pulling at everything he could get his hands on. I had to finally cover his right hand with a sock.They could not give him a second dose due to overdosing a small child. Try explaining that to the 8 month old in severe pain. I would say it was the hardest night. Which doesn’t make me look forward to taking him home on our own. Without nurses to help with everything. But we will do our best. Sawyer is making huge recovery steps every day. I can’t wait till he is back to his grinning red headed goofy self again. I have almost forgotten how bright his big smile is. Its going to make my whole life when I see it again.

So not the worst day, but not our best day either. Still keeping our chin up. Still grateful for every minute of recovery. One step closer to having this completely behind us. I better get to sleep because I think I know it’s going to be a long night.

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  1. I am really glad to have stumbled onto your blog as you are writing this– our 5 month old daughter has the same thing, with a tentative surgery date of July 19. I am pretty terrified!

    Good luck and happy revovery to your family and your very pretty baby!

    1. Grace, I would love to answer any of the questions you have. When it seems like some much be silly, its still important to ask them. And having some personal experience to share, I am a wide open book. I had some mom’s do it for me and it made all the difference. Please write me at if you need anything!
      Where are you having surgery?


      1. July 19 is our date–she will have just turned six months old. I will most certainly send you an email with all kinds of questions sometime soon. Thank you!

        1. Im sorry you have to go through this Grace. It’s certainly not what any parent wants to hear. And I have had those tough moments beat me down. But you will be surprised how strong you will be for that little girl of yours. You talk to me any time!

  2. Dear Alissa,

    Thank you again for keeping us all posted. Like I mentioned on your Facebook wall…I cannot get over how the human body works so quickly to heal. Sawyer is looking like himself again, and will be flashing that bright smile at you in no time:) I think that will make it so much easier for all of you, once he can see all of his familiar faces. Home too is the best place to recover and you once again will surprise yourself and your strength.

    And, reading the post from Grace above is just proof that documenting Sawyer’s story will be so helpful to others in the same situation.

    Thinking of you.

    Love Brenda

  3. Wow, Alissa! Sawyer is looking much better today than yesterday! :)His color is good, his swelling seems down. I bet that you will see amazing improvement with each day, and even hour, from here on in. And the fact that he was quite agitated these past 24 hours says that he’s getting better – and grumpy!! Well don, nurse-mom! Keep up the great work. Hugs!! (to your mom too)

  4. After being anxiety-ridden for a couple of days — in preparation to the presentation I had to give in New York yesterday, it is grounding to read of your constant experience with Sawyer over the last week. It makes my anxiety pale in comparison. You and Brandon are doing a fabulous job stickhandling your way through this ordeal. I agree with you, Sawyer is starting to look like the same wonderful Sawyer (who still doesn’t like his Pop Pop!!) Thanks for documenting this on your blog. Niko Tevzadze of Tbilisi, Georgia is reviewing this now, as well. It seems you are gaining quite a following!

    1. Thanks Pop Pop! GB deserved to get one of the 6 Grandkids as the favorite. 😉 We hope you guys have a nice time in New York. Hope the presentation went well!

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