Happy Fathers Day.

To my husband who has only been a father for 8 months. Who I’ve seen grown in so many ways. He has given me the greatest gift, {your all thinking the baby,} but I was thinking the letting me sleep in some mornings while he feeds Sawyer. 😉 For Being a wonderful father. I can’t wait to see the two of you grow together, playing baseball, watching baseball, yelling at baseball. Already in this short time you have made me smile so many times watching the two of you. Just because how easy it is for you to bring a smile to Sawyer’s face too. For every little thing you do. Happy Fathers Day.

To my own dad. Who became a father 24 years ago. And put his whole heart and soul into it. I don’t know another dad quite as special. All my friends openly said they wished you were their dad too. You made every Saturday its own adventure. Bike riding to the ends of the earth for ice cream slurpees. Star wars marathons while mom and Kimmy were out of the house. Valve cover racing in the winter, annual rod runs in the summer. Cheerleading trips that all the moms and just you chaperoned. {maybe you were the lucky one in that haha} For always answering each and every why? For all the long distance calls and video chats. And now this new chapter with Sawyer.I cant wait to see him grow up with you as his GRAND father. For everything from the first day, to now. And especially for all the little in betweens. Happy Fathers Day.

For my Grandpa. There is still not a day that goes by that feels different because your not here. You will never know how much you are missed. At every family gathering, with no one to wear a napkin hat. No one to bring a rubber chicken to the Christmas gift exchange. No one to spot the loonie bird. To always stop at garage sales. To take us to the Big Moo every summer. To always ask if our boyfriends were rich and good looking, but of course not as good looking as him. To always win the beauty contest in Monopoly. To spit in the yahtzee cup. I wish Sawyer could have met the most amazing Crazy Grandpa anyone could have. Our lives are so different now, not because you are gone, but because you were a part of them. For giving us bright happy memories until the last moment. Happy Fathers Day.

For everyone else we cherish and love. Who is spending today with their family. Hug them and tell them how much they mean to you. Never let an “I love you” go unheard. Happy Fathers day everyone.

3 thoughts on “Happy Fathers Day.”

  1. Sawyer looks soooo good! Enjoy your time with GB! I hope you have a really great week. Your Father’s Day messages were beautiful.
    Love to you,
    Mary Lou

  2. You are so lucky to have so many wonderful men in your life. I wish I had a video of you when I tried to teach you how to play baseball and when you were batting you would fall over because you were giggling too much. Not sure Brandon would see you the same after that….no respect for the sport 🙂

    1. Was this video taken a week ago, maybe after consuming orange pop. I’m pretty sure he’s seen me worse! And he still loves me. Only now he also ask’s if Ive had orange pop!

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