Follow Up Appt. with Plastic Surgeon.

Today was our follow up appointment with our plastic surgeon. As always he had us in and out in record time. But we got a couple more questions in this time. The big one being: what happened to the back of his head?

There is a raised ridge on the back of his skull. We didn’t notice this until discharge day when we were finally able to pick him up off the bed. There is also a slight rug burn on it as well, just from friction. It feels like bone and that’s what I assumed it was. Today however we found out it’s a plate. Sawyer’s surgery involves a lot of dissolvable plates and screws. To hold together the newly shaped skull. Apparently while in the PICU, the plate was shifted down while laying on his back all week.

I am 1. a little upset there wasn’t some proactive solution to this. I was never told in the PICU that he should be moved more to avoid this problem. In fact, they barely let me shift him around at all.

2. I asked if this was a normal and was answered that it isn’t uncommon. Which didn’t completely answer me at all. When Sawyer is put on his back he cries out in pain. He never did this before and I am worried this is causing unnecessary pain.

{Before and after Top view. Not as narrow, or long anymore. Also missing hair 🙁 }

We do have a second follow up appointment with the pediatric plastic surgeon in one month. Once the swelling is completely down and we can see his recovery a bit better. At that point it should be more obvious if this is going to be a problem. Until then we will keep and eye on it. And I will bring it up a second time at our pediatric neurosurgeon’s appointment, which is on Wednesday. That will be the last appointment with her, but I will see the plastic surgeon in one month and then once a year for 5 years.

{Before and after of front view, The head is not as narrow, much more rounded on the top.}

Just going to keep throwing out the thank you’s, I am so touched every time we receive a cards in the mail, a package, gift cards, messages, toys for Sawyer, treats for us. Its amazing how many people have reached out to tell us in so many ways, that they are thinking of us. Thank you everyone who is still following our story. Means the world to our little family!

3 thoughts on “Follow Up Appt. with Plastic Surgeon.”

  1. I love how you show us the before and after photos. I know it is a ton of work to keep updating the blog…but you have no idea how I look forward to the updates. I always took it for granted that you lived 15 minutes away…this has been incredibly difficult with you living so far away. However, with the blog and facebook, I feel like I can stay “in the loop” a bit more.

    I am counting the days till I see your family in the summer…and you know how much Bailey is looking forward to finally holding Sawyer!!!! Hard to believe it has only been two weeks…..

    Love Auntie Karen

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