Im Afraid of the Dark.

There it’s out there now. I am the almost 25 yr old with a child of my own, who is afraid of the dark. Full out, there must be monsters in the shadows, scared. So that’s why with Brandon away for the night, I settled in with a new box of vanilla coke zero some deep ridge BBQ chips and my computer. Unstoppable! Until I had to turn the tv and lights off. But I am admitting it, I’m a baby. Before Sawyer I would have barricaded myself into the master bedroom, but those days are gone. And you would think the dogs would help, but Walle barks at anything, he’s woken Sawyer up 3 times tonight! And Karma is more afraid of her own shadow than I am!

So here I will stay, all night on pinterest. And I will regret it in the morning. But Brandon will be back before tomorrow night so that’s just fine. Here it is in writing, just another reason I can’t live without you Brandon. O and I love and miss you too 😉

can’t wait until there is another little guy that will join my fear of everything, or maybe he’ll be like his Daddy and have no fear. I don’t know which one will be worse!

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