Follow up appt. with Neurosurgeon

Hello everyone!

This is the first time I’ve been behind on the blog in awhile. So sorry for not updating those of you not hooked up in other places. We had our follow up appointment with our Neurosurgeon on Wednesday. She was out of town, so we saw her assistant. Who I adore. She is in ped’s neurosurgery for a reason. Sawyer wore his special “My first haircut was by a Neurosurgeon” onesie, I had custom made for him along with the “chicks dig scars” one. She thought it was so cute that she took a picture of him in it to show her surgeon friends. He even gave her a smile for it! Which is special because Sawyer has shown some trust issues since our stay in the PICU. He is very weary of new people and even people we are close with. Poor Uncle Matt got a cold reception the first time seeing him after surgery.

The good thing from the appointment is that we are on track. She showed a bit more concern over his ridge on the back of his head. Which I was happy to see. She felt it, made sure there was no fluid build up, and made note of it to watch for our next appointment in one month. All in all things are getting back to normal. Or as normal as can be.

They hoped to have Sawyer off all medication by this point. But that is not flying for him. He cries a lot more than before. And his cry has changed. It almost sounds like he feels so betrayed by you. For putting him down for a nap, or missing a nap, or not feeding him before I know he’s hungry. It’s very sad to listen to. ┬áSo we are still slightly relying on children’s advil and tylenol. Sawyer will not be fully recovered for a year. It takes one month for the incision to heal, the stitches are already beginning to dissolve. The plates and screws will take a full year to dissolve. But he’s doing better each day, just what is to be expected 2 weeks post-op. for such an invasive surgery.

We’ve been enjoying our time with GB staying with us, and lots of cousin time. His oldest cousin Tate has been so amazing with him. Such a caring little boy. I am so happy he is getting to grow up with cousins and family around. On that note, I have to dash, we’re having a big family BBQ night here at the house. Followed by movie night. Great way to send off GB, and then its just me and Brandon again. But we’ve made it this far and we know you are all still behind us. Always thankful for all of you, and everything you do!

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  1. So glad that things are on track according to the neurosurgeon! Sawyer looks great… little wonder that the little guy has some major trust issues, and likely separation anxiety from his mommy as well. We all would if we’d been through what he has at such a young age!!
    Keep up your great caregiving and loving, Alissa! Hugs, Jayne

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