Revised Strawberry Trifle

I think I linked to my original recipe for my Strawberry Trifle about a dozen times this last week. Well I updated my version yesterday. And since there is no left overs, it must be good!

Its the best dessert you’ll ever eat. {In my humble opinion} But it’s also the best because its so easy to make. 5 ingredients. Easy enough to remember when you are out at the store. Easy enough to throw together last minute. Easy easy easy.

1 family size Sara Lee pound cake {cubed.}

1 large vanilla pudding {prepared as directed.}

1 large Cool Whip lite

White chocolate, shaved

lots of fruit, yesterday I used strawberries and blueberries for red, white and blue! {about 4 pounds of it total.}

Combine the prepared pudding and cool whip until smooth. Layer pound cake, pudding mixture, fruit, and then sprinkle white chocolate on top. Repeat. I am able to get two layers of each in my massive trifle dish. {NOTE: Before I was doing: pound cake, fruit, pudding mix, white chocolate. Leaving the top layer as all pudding mixture. I think the revised way leaves a much nicer finish for the top of the dessert!}

You want to make it a couple hours before, so it has time to set. And keep it refrigerated for best results. It usually is only good for 2 days, {otherwise it gets too mushy} but it also doesn’t usually last that long with people around! Its very rich, but light at the same time. Enjoy it, experiment with other fruit combo’s. Normally I only use strawberries but the added blueberries were a nice touch. My mom’s standard is raspberries, and I’m sure you could do blackberries and other delicious fruit too!

Make sure you bookmark or pin this because it’s going to be your go to summer BBQ dessert! And if you do, make sure you write me a comment telling me you’ve been here or tried it! Enjoy!

5 thoughts on “Revised Strawberry Trifle”

  1. Your mom is AMAZING! I made this twice this week because the first one turned out so well! I have gotten a million compliments on it, and I’m looking forward to eating it for breakfast tomorrow. It has fruit, so it’s healthy, right?

    1. You took the words right out of my mouth. {fruit=healthy} I eat this for breakfast every time I make it! Glad to see it being shared around the world and loved just as much as it is in our home!

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