Did it even happen?

Lately Sawyer has been showing his true self again. The biggest smiles I’ve ever seen. Sometimes I think he is going to burst with happiness! They completely light up my world. I can’t even capture their full power on camera. Its been amazing to see. Sometimes so amazing that I have to stop and think, we were in the PICU only 4 weeks ago.

I am so grateful for his recovery and prognosis. We are done with craniosynostosis. {hopefully} For 4 months it consumed my life, and now I find it hard to believe it even happened. Even his scar is barely noticeable!

He’s not fully back to his Sawyer self. His sleeping pattern is way off, and he is irritated very easily. But those megawatt smiles are all I needed and more. Life is as normal as it can be with a 9 month old! Wishing your life is as smile filled as ours this weekend!

11 thoughts on “Did it even happen?”

  1. I came across your blog through pinterest. I went back and read Sawyers story from the beginning. What a beautiful little boy he is. I really enjoy reading the updates and pictures of him! And I LOVE the name Sawyer!

    1. Marah! Thanks for leaving a comment. Its amazing to know Sawyers story is getting out there! Thanks for leaving a comment to let me know you stopped by. I hope you come back again soon!

      1. I stop by pretty often to see what you guys are up to!
        Im in Kansas, born and raised in WI but moved to KS 3 yrs ago, and have two little boys. My son Huck is 4 today, and Mason just turned 1 in June!
        I look forward to keeping up with you guys! 🙂

    1. Glad to hear it Grace. Everything you are feeling right now is the worst. Anticipation builds to an almost breaking point but soon you will be on this side recording pictures of post op smiles that melt your heart. Good luck this week!

  2. Thank you for this blog!! I needed to see it. My daughter has surgery in November. We just found out she has metopic craniosynosis last month and seeing the pictures and reading your words are helping me mentally prepare for this! This won’t be her first operation. She had an Endorectal pull through procedure done in July because not all the nerves/tissue in her rectum developed which causes severe constipation “Hirschsprungs Disease.” I know what it is like to have to pass your baby to the nurses (she was 2 months old). Her aunt had this same surgery 34 years ago and she is 100% OK and a very intelligent woman….still worries me and this blog is helping to put my mind at ease! Thank You!!

    1. Amber, It warms my heart to know Sawyer’s story has helped other moms. I know for me the best thing I did was prepare myself. After seeing other pictures, it wasn’t as scary to see your own kid. I also know the waiting was the worst part. November is still a long way away. If you ever have a bad day, please feel free to email me directly! (lissables@gmail.com) I am always up for chatting and it’s important to me to make sure other families are taken care of in every way possible. Have you signed up for a craniocarebears.org care package?

  3. Wow, I just read Sawyer’s and your story; truely heart-wrenching and heart-warming at the same time! I think you have all done amazing through the process. I’d love to know how everyone is doing now, month into the recovery. My son Aiden will has his craniosynostosis surgery next month at exactly six month old. We’re apprehensive, but confident in the facility and the necessity of the procedure. Your story and pictures really help to paint the picture of what we might be able to expect, and for that I thank you. Best wishes from my family to yours.

    1. Thanks for leaving a comment Tim! It is always nice to hear from other families dealing with cranio. It warms my heart to hear that his story has helped others going through the same. Reading and seeing pictures is what made it so much easier on myself, so I wanted to do the same for others. 6 months is an ideal age, so hooray for getting a fast surgery date. It’s good to celebrate the little victories like that during this waiting process. Please feel free to contact me if you or your significant other ever wants to talk one on one about the whole experience. I am always up for a good talk, no matter the time of day. And I understand those moments that hit you out of the blue. my email is lissables@gmail.com
      Best wishes, you will all do so much better than imagined!
      And soon it will be over and you too will find it hard to believe it ever happened.

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