Book Week Day 4. {2012 Edition}

Children’s books!

I LOVE Children’s books. In fact it was the one thing I went a little overboard on when we found out about Sawyer. I couldn’t help myself at the annual book drive. It was for a good cause and it had great classic’s! Growing up I couldn’t get enough of Go, Dog, Go. {Possibly because it was the LONGEST bedtime story 😉 } So I love that I will get to read the same books to Sawyer soon. He’s not as into books right now. Except for You Are My Cupcake. Fitting as ever for Mommy. I think the pictures are amazingly cute. And Sawyer just bursts into giggle fits whenever we look at it together.

Anything by Oliver Jeffers. In that local {The Calgary herald annual,} book drive I found Lost and Found by Oliver Jeffers.I hadn’t really looked at it too much. I just love simple board books. Its a little over sized which I love, and the pictures again are so sweet. But the big sell for me was the way he captures a little boys imagination. It’s how kids should see the world. We recently got a care package from the Auntie in Calgary for Sawyers surgery. Included in it were: How to Catch a Star and The Way Back Home. I fell in love all over again. There are others in his collection too. {I want to get The heart and the Bottle. But I can’t vouch for it yet, because I haven’t seen the whole book. But how can you not love it when everything else he does is so great!} They are just sweet little stories, and not on the usual list.

I could keep talking about Kids books forever. Like anything Robert Munch, I cant get specific because I would end up listing them all. I gave the boys I babysit, each a book of his last year and they quickly became favorites. And though I love the little picture books we will enjoy these first years, I really can’t wait to break out the one chapter a night books. Harry Potter, The Princess Bride, The Unicorn Chronicles. I do hope Sawyer inherits my love of reading. And the annual book drive sale. O fun reading traditions!

One last thing to share since we are on the topic of many books in a children’s room. I knew back when I was designing his nursery, that I was going to want a big spot for all these classics. But I didn’t want just a regular shelf or chest. Plus we were very limited with space. So I used an outdoor garden shelf. Brandon was mighty skeptical when I brought it home. But to my delight it worked perfectly. I had to add a small board to the bottom so the little books wouldn’t slip through the grates. I absolutely love it. Its unique and low enough for him to pick out books when he is able to walk. Its functional and cute! And a perfect addition to a books lovers room!

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  1. Love love love Oliver Jeffers! I bought Matteo “Lost and Found” for his first birthday. He current obsession is penguins and the party was penguin themed so it was perfect. I haven’t many of his books but I’m thinking it’ll be a new theme for Matteo. I totally agree with the pictures too, there so sweet!

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