Book Week Day 3. {2012 Edition}

Before I lose you, after talking about books for a week, let’s break out the big ones: The series. I feel like lately that’s the biggest seller. Make a hit and pump the sequels out as fast as possible. And then of course make a movie out of it! But I am a fan of that whole process. The longer I can live in the world of a book the better.

I am having trouble narrowing this post down to just a few of my favorite series. So lets just start with my favorite. For a long time I was sure I was going to name my first daughter after the main character, Gemma, because I loved her. My second daughter was going to be another characters name from the same book, Pippa. That’s when you know you love a book/you are a geek because your going to name your child after a fictional character.{Not at all like how Sawyer’s name came along ūüėČ }¬†A Great and Terrible Beauty By Libba Bray. I think I found the Gemma Doyle series the year I graduated high school? Its hard to keep books straight when you power through this many in a short period. Its like Harry Potter with a strong female lead. Set in a Victorian boarding school and an other world realm. She brings the magic to life so vividly you want to believe it’s real. Its followed by Rebel Angels and The Sweet Far Thing. And though its hard to come by, I think each book holds it own. Usually I find by the last one its barely hanging on to the story. I promise its one you will have a hard time putting down.

The Hunger Games. That should be all I have to say about that one. Its current. Everyone is, or has read it. I sat down last year while I was still pregnant and had nothing to do but read. {O¬†reminiscing¬†is cruel sometimes!} I read one a day. I was hooked. A world I wanted to live in, but not play in! I found Katniss enticing, and I was in love with Peeta. I love to fall in love with Characters. Their world was¬†fascinating. So if by chance you haven’t read the Hunger Games Trilogy, please read it before seeing it. Or if you thought you would catch the movie and skip the book, don’t. As per usual, the books are far superior to the movie. I was a die hard fan, could barely wait the 6 months for the movie to come out, and I left the theatre sadly disappointed. And I even went in with low expectations after hearing the same from other readers. So read the books, always better than the movies {sigh this brings back memories of The Life and Death of Charlie St. Cloud, and its movie. I went to see it opening day at the first showing, I even dragged Brandon along. Another murdered book at the theaters.}

Lastly for today is the Mortal Instruments series be Cassandra Clare. Starting with City of Bones, followed by City of Ashes, City of Glass, City of Fallen Angels and just published City of Lost Souls. Which I just got in the mail and can’t wait to break into. {But I am still in the middle of the prequel series: The Infernal Devices series. So I haven’t been able to Start Lost Souls yet.} I have been reading this series since before I was married! So yes, again I was in love with the main male lead. You might notice a pattern that tend to fall in love with my favorite characters. {I think it dates back to Reeve from Face on the Milk Carton, back in 1997! Um that’s 15 years ago!} Jace and Clary don’t disappoint on that front either. Another real world mixed with fantasy world type story. And surprise, surprise, they are making it into a movie too! Why wouldn’t they? But you have a full year before it comes out!! So great cracking, or at least read the first of the 5 Mortal Instruments series.

Of course there is lots of other series I would love to mention. Yes, I just powered through the Shades of Grey series. {Like every other woman on the planet, it seems. I liked it, I just couldn’t get past the poor writing to care more about it though.} The Fever series: think shades of grey mixed with A Great and Terrible Beauty. Most of the series I like are fantasy. I need to get around to reading Game of Thrones, instead of just watching it. I think watching all that Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Sailor Moon when I was little made me want to live in a fantasy world.

Tomorrow we’ll discuss an important, very special book collection. Children’s books. So stay tuned!

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  1. Hi Alyssa, So glad to see and hear that your world is becoming normal once again!Reading is such medicine for the soul … I share your passion.
    Quick question… when are you coming to Calgary? Your mom and I have been in search of our favorite hairspray that is no longer available in Canada. I have found a company that has 25 bottles left, then will be discontinued. They can’t ship to Canada, but would ship anywhere in the States. So…would you be OK with me shipping to you, and then have you bring them to Canada? 25 bottles could be in 2 or 3 boxes – would that work? If you’re OK with this, I will order immediately in hopes that they get to you before your departure. I will need your address once I get your blessing :). Thanks from your mom and me!!

    1. I would have loved to bring it back, but unfortunately I am already bringing some big items for Kimmy. We are always packed tight and its going to take some creative thinking to get everyone and everything in the car this summer. Im sorry I can’t be of more help!

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