Book Week Day 6. {2012 Edition}

OK I lied.

I said I was done posting about books yesterday but I have some very important books to share today. How could I have forgotten. They are the most looked at books in our house! My shutterfly picture albums. {Yes, they totally count as books!} I am always growing my collection, currently I have 6. With about 4 in the making still. For some reason I can never be up to date with them! Be warned this post is going to  be very, VERY, picture friendly! 😉

Meet the collection: I have 3-8×8’s, 1-8×11 & 2-12×12.

The 8×11 was my first book ever. It’s 2008. An entire year in one little book. Going through it you can see we were apart a lot of the time. There is very few pictures, {other than the wedding} because we were busy trying to make a relationship work London-Toronto, Calgary-Vegas, Engaged and Married! But there is many books that followed so we all know it did turn out in the end!

I upgraded to the 12×12’s for the family year books. Its no secret I have A FEW pictures. Just a few. So I bumped up after seeing my sister in laws books. The size and the layouts slightly changed. I love them. I only just got the 2010 book this spring. That’s how far behind I am! But it takes some dedication to sit down and do one. Make sure it’s perfect, write in all the stories, and then actually order it. I usually wait for some coupon’s. Which was another reason I liked the 12×12 format. It is the one that gets the 50% off sale the most. Worth it.

All my 8×8’s have been “free books.” I get coupons in my emails all the time. But my favorite is the free book coupon! You can only use it on the 8×8 size, so I use it for mini stories. When I want to showcase a distinct event. I’ve used them as gifts, for a friend and our trip together, my mother got one as a thank you for the year of Disneyland, {for my 23 birthday I got a Disney pass, I used all the photo’s we took over the year, to make the thank you book.} I made one of Sawyers Birth story, and his first month.

And the most recent one is Sawyers Craniosynostosis story. I knew I wanted to make a special book about this. So when he is old enough, he can see what amazing strength he had when he was just 8 months old. I am going to forget those little details, but now the entire process is documented! I am in love with this special book. His book is the only one that is a different style. And I have to admit I liked working with the embellishments and different colors. There is so many to choose from, find one that suits your story!

My favorite two pages were the Cranio timeline. To see how many changes he went through in such a short time. And the thank you page. Because we were absolutely blown away by the generosity for Sawyer and ourselves during the surgery. I was extremely touched by each and every one.

If you don’t already have shutterfly, you should sign up! You get some bonus coupons when he sign up for a new account. Such as 50 free prints and other promo’s. For most of us who don’t print out all our digital pictures anymore, this is a great way to actually remember all the excitement of each year. Don’t let your own memories slip through the cracks.

Thanks for following the 2012 Book Week! As always leave me a comment if you have enjoyed the blog in any way!

10 thoughts on “Book Week Day 6. {2012 Edition}”

  1. Hi Alissa,

    I haven’t checked your blog in awhile. Your memory books are fantastic! I know how much work they are and yours are incredible. When do you find time with a busy baby in the house? I’m hoping to maybe meet Sawyer in person while you are in Calgary this summer.
    Take care,


  2. Hi Ladies!

    Thanks for the compliments. I barely get a chance to work on them which is why I am always so behind! Sawyer likes to play this game right now called, how long can I go without sleeping. So not much shutterfly time! But thank you!

    Marah, I dont generally add people I don’t know, however you are more than welcome to follow me on here, as well as my lissables fb page. I love hearing from my readers, so thanks for leaving a comment.

  3. Out of curiosity how did you find the blog Marah? Just wondering where my circles are reaching. The more I know the easier a friendship can grow and I could think about being more public on fb!

    1. On pinterest. There was the picture of you beside Sawyers hospital bed. I clicked on it. And have been hooked ever since. I went back and read through all the posts from your pregnancy to current.
      I look forward to your posts and pictures! Sawyer is just so adorable and sweet!

  4. I love these! Great idea to make yearly books, I need to look into that. How you have time to blog, make books, bake, crafts and take care of Sawyer and be a wife blows my mind Ali!!!

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