I have a favor to ask each and every one of you today. I am wondering who is still reading the blog, or who followed it for Sawyers story. Please leave me a comment so I can see how many people I’m reaching. If its a big enough number I could start thinking about doing giveaways and such to keep your interest! It doesn’t take long, even if all your write is “hey!” I’d love to see it!

Thanks everyone for the continued support of lissables!

40 thoughts on “Comments.”

  1. I think people tend to be shy with commenting lol. I asked people to comment on my blog and only one did 😛 and yet there’s 13 views overnight. Darn people lol. Anyways, I read it every morning. Yours I mean.

  2. Following you! Found you via pinterest while Sawyer was in recovery. back tracked and read the entire journey!
    Look forward to your posts!

      1. 🙂
        I am so glad I found you guys! I enjoy your blog so much. Love the parts about your everyday life. And wish I could be as creative!
        Too bad we live so far apart. We are about the same age, I bet we could be great friends.

  3. I read it all the time. For just about everything. I also rather enjoy the cupcake pictures
    – your friend in the north pole!

    1. Haha thanks Em, I liked the north pole comment. Im behind on cupcake pictures lately! But have no fear because this Saturday should lend some inspiration!

  4. I originally started reading your blog for the cute baking ideas and recipes, but I have stayed for your compelling journey with Sawyer. Thanks for sharing, I love your blog 🙂

  5. Yes I too am following, even when I am on the road. Wonderful that that restaurant with the Big M lets me use their Wi-Fi……so what’s the prize? Cupcakes I hope 🙂

  6. I started reading b/c I saw you post a tutorial on FB….then I read from your first post all the way to the current one (it was the Halloween onesie) in 1 day. I would subscribe if I knew how to. But I check in every once in a while just out of curiosity, and/or when I see a link from you on FB. When you started posting Sawyers Story I checked back as well to see how it was all unfolding. With or without your harrowing story I would read this blog. You’ve got great creativity and are a wonderful writer. Please keep doing this.

  7. I’m still following you a few times a week! My Ariana is the same age as Sawyer and we found you through BBC! I follow you on pinterest too!

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