THE Baby Blanket Round 2.

We all remember THE baby blanket, right? Well if you don’t, you also don’t know that I SWORE I would NEVER make another. It took me almost a week of working on it all the time. This time it only took me 3 days! {O boy, you know it’s bad when you are celebrating a baby blanket only taking 3 days to make.} But it is again my favorite baby item. So for my sisters new baby, I knew I would end up caving on my never ever ever ever ever.

My full tutorial is linked above. Here’s a couple more process pictures with this new blanket. There was also a big difference between the boys blankets. Sawyers is cotton. And Braxton’s is flannel. I can’t say which one I like more, The flannel one is amazingly soft right from the beginning. But it was just slightly more difficult to sew with. The cotton took about 25 washes to get to the same softness. But might last longer.

Another big difference, and the ONLY reason I even attempted a second blanket, the chenille cutter. So instead of breaking my hand by cutting 130 lines with scissors, you just glide this nifty little tool along your blanket. It took me just over an hour to do the whole blanket. And only that long because of my little helper! 1hour>4 days. If your going to make this blanket, buy a chenille cutter.

Speaking of my little helper! I cant believe I managed to get this finished with all his extra help! As you can see in the far left one, he only let me sew during naps. I thought I had outsmarted him with the jumper but nope. He demands a little more attention! And also, look at the lack of hair. That was only 2 months ago!

Then admire your masterpiece one last time before throwing it in the wash. And almost like magic it turns from this into…

I just LOVE these blankets. I almost didn’t want to give this one away. The colors turned out so perfectly together. And the sparkle on the green even stuck around. Perfect baby blanket. {As a random question, would there be any interest in buying these handmade keepsakes? They would have to be priced at about 60-80$ depending on fabric. And that is barely making anything for all the labor, but occasionally I do like having projects like this. And I would love to work on some girly ones too! }

I’m so glad this little guy will always have this special blanket. And now both cousins have the same{-ish} ones! And even better was giving it in person. There is nothing like the excitement of watching someone love something you’ve put so much work into.

Also I didn’t even plan that the outfit I bought him when I first found out about him, matched his blanket perfectly!

Stay tuned this week, because I just finished a wedding cake at 1am tonight {why am I still up blogging this at 2:50 am?} and I have another Very Hungry Caterpillar theme birthday cake tomorrow. Totally different design though.  And more cupcakes next weekend. Always busy in this little household!

10 thoughts on “THE Baby Blanket Round 2.”

    1. Thanks June. You quite possibly are the one who inspired it all! I still need to find the one picture of me showcasing my art in the backyard while all the other kids played games. Thanks for making it such a huge part of our lives at your house!

  1. I think handmade items are always the best gifts…especially a special baby blanket. My Aunt made a couple blankets for us and I really treasure them. I even inherited some knit blankets and sweaters from when I was a baby that my Mom kept for us. I think your price would be right on – I’ve ordered baby blankets online that we made from fleece and personalized with a name for $60. I love the colors in Braxton’s blanket, looks awesome!

  2. I may or may not have to hire you to make one of these in a few years 😛 (or even soon, and I’ll just save it for when the time comes) for whatever price you decide on of course plus labor! They’re way too cute. And my sewing skills are non-existent lol good job on them!

  3. Love, love LOVE these blankets! You did such an amazing job. I wish I had done one of these for my LO. You put so much work into it and it came out beautiful. I’m sure you will cherish it for a long time. Great job : )

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