4 Months Later.

I have been so touched by everyone who has reached out over this past year to us. It was something I never saw coming but I believe it has made me a better person. Going through something like this makes you completely selfless. All my thoughts, feelings, and energy were put into that one little boy. I am so grateful for those unbelievably hard days. I thought they would never come, then never end, and now I feel that it never happened. Recently I have had a lot of people {most of whom are stranger’s still finding Sawyer’s story and benefiting from his journey,} asking for some updates on Sawyer.

What can I say? It truly does feel like it never happened. His hair grew like crazy and he has a full head of hair again. I recently looked for his scar because you cannot see it. I looked, knowing exactly where I traced it for so many nights. And though I can see it, it’s so faint that I know no one else will see it again. It is only a memory of the past.

We have another post op check up coming up next week. It is the last time we will see the Neurosurgeon till next June. Which will be the last time we see her ever. And we do not see the Pediatric Plastic surgeon until June as well. All of which are just to keep on top of his recovery. There is only a 3% chance that he doesn’t have a full recovery. In which case the muscle around his temple would thin out more than expected and they would appear extremely hallow. And it is only a cosmetic issue, meaning we are 100% back to a healthy happy baby! And is he ever happy. He continued crawling the minute we got him home, and he was so determined to walk that he took his first steps at 10 months old, and is running around the house like crazy at 11 months. And he is hitting 12 months on Saturday.

12 Months, 365 days, 1 year. And Cranio took up 5 months of Sawyers first year. So for his birthday Saturday we included a little note in the invitations. We asked that in lieu of gifts we will be doing a donation to Craniocarebears.org in his name, and everyone attending is welcome to add to this donation. This is a non-profit organization, started by 2 mom’s who each had a son with craniosynostosis. It was one of the first sites I came across after our diagnosis. They offer a community with success stories but also provide a care package before every surgery. Each one is unique as it is based off of donations. So ours contained: Tylenol, a hat for sawyer, a mini fleece blanket, snacks, Kleenex and lots of other little things you can forget about. I’ve begun decorating and getting things ready for the party and there is a cute little corner all about the donation and his story! I can’t wait to share all the special pictures this weekend!  I’m so glad that we are celebrating his cranio on his birthday.

To all the parent’s that are still somehow finding Sawyers story. I am honored that you all keep reading my words. I am so happy his journey is helping others. Reading other families stories helped me the most so I am just trying to do the same. Please feel free to contact me at lissables@gmail.com if you ever want to talk one on one!

6 thoughts on “4 Months Later.”

  1. Loved reading this blog Alissa:) He is a very special little boy with an amazing family unit supporting him! I cannot get over his full head of red hair, so cute! xo

  2. Your little boy is healthy….the outcome was exactly what you hoped for all those months. Thank goodness for memories…they can be “mighty” short – and the bad ones can be replaced by happier ones – in an instant!

    Heres to many MANY more happy memories as you celebrate Sawyer’s first birthday – and tons of other milestones in the future.

    Love Auntie K

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