Happy First Birthday Sawyer!

Where did 12 months go, for that matter where did 22 months go. I feel like January 2011 was yesterday when we first found out we were expecting. Sometimes the day’s seem to drag on, and then in an instant they are gone and its a year later. It’s been an amazing first year. Every day brings something new, rolling over, sitting up, crawling, walking. He’s learned so much in such a short time. He amazes me all the time.

And of course almost half of his first year has been revolving around craniosynostosis. I remember feeling so overwhelmed when we first found out, and now I wouldn’t change it. It has made our family stronger and closer because of it. We can take anything on after going through this. So to honor this huge part of his first life we decided to include a card in his invitations that asked in lieu of presents for donations to our favorite cranio foundation. I am still speechless at the generosity of everyone. We raised just over $500.00 for Craniocarebears.org!!!!! THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU! We are so excited to send them this wonderful donation. You have touched our hearts and also the hearts of many families going through an extremely hard time in their lives. Thank you to everyone who donated.

While I’m on thank you’s let me add a few more. To my mom and dad who helped with all the little things are last minute running around. To my sister in law and mother in law who ran around that morning and made the wonderful chocolate chip cookies. To my friend who lent me all the party plates and drove them across the city to me. To everyone who donated. To even more people who let me take a million pictures with this past year, so I could hang them through my house everywhere. To everyone who I am forgetting to thank! {Because I’m terrible at remembering anything.} Thank you to all our friends and family who celebrated with us near or far. I was so touched at all the birthday messages I received for Sawyer. Thank you.

I loved planning his birthday. From his invitations to the food and all the little details. His theme was “a year in a flash” Like the flash of a camera. Perfect for this little boy. I have taken well over 1000 pictures this year and I used all my favorite to create photo banner’s through the whole house! I love displaying pictures and this was a great way to get over 200 into a small space. I also made one of all his “firsts of his 1st year.” So first picture, first smile, first Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, New years eve. First girlfriend! First mustache! First Valentines, St Patrick’s, Easter, 4th of July, First steps and finally first Birthday!

And I also had taken a photo every month with a monthly sticker to chart his growth. And unusually I didn’t share these photo’s with anyone. So I made a banner with coordinating colors and stickers and hung it with a Happy birthday banner I also made. It completed the dessert table. I love the way it turned out!

We made mac n cheese, hot dogs, meatballs with BBQ sauce, peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, wafer sprinkle cookies, chocolate chip cookies, watermelon, veggies and dip and of course cupcakes and a sprinkle cake. I always use my own events to try cakes I’ve been dying to make. The sprinkle one has been on my list forever, and it was perfect for his birthday! But wow was it messy! I will definitely make it again but be warned you will find sprinkles everywhere for days! I colored the inside layers for an added surprise. I am just so thrilled with the way this cake turned out. I also made a banner to hang from it for an added touch of birthday flair! I picked up this “wish” from the 1$ section of targets scrapbooking supplies. They have a whole bunch of words. And I threw it together in less than 5 minutes on the morning of the party. I’m so glad I did because I think it makes the cake!

We had a bounce house for the kids, and I borrowed some games from my sister in law,a crafts table, {also credited to my sister in law!} and of course the million and one toys Sawyer already had. I also did a photo booth area, with props and a poloraid cut out and title with “Sawyers 1st Birthday 10/13/2012” I had a disposable camera on the table so I can’t wait to get it developed and see all the funny pictures! Of course we got a couple with the good camera too!

I made Birthday cake popcorn as the favors for the party. I found the recipe on pinterest. I also made the little paper tops to seal the bags of popcorn. I love how homemade item’s add a personal touch to each favor. I wrote thank you on each one so I felt like I was individually thinking of each person as I did so. I hope everyone liked them, Brandon gave it the seal of approval the night before, devouring the left overs!

We had so much going on and I felt like I missed the whole party! {That always happen’s on the big days} So I am sorry if I never got to talk to you, or if you saw me running around like a crazy woman! I loved seeing everyone together and all the kids playing. It was just what I wanted. Here are the rest of the pictures from our special big day!

Happy First Birthday Sawyer! Can’t wait to celebrate so many more with you. You are the greatest gift a parent could get and I treasure every memory we are making with you.

10 thoughts on “Happy First Birthday Sawyer!”

  1. So sad I could not be there to celebrate in person…

    But – just like when Sawyer had his surgery…through your facebook and blog – I really “felt” like I was a part of it!!!!!

    Looks like everyone had a wonderful time honouring this special 1st Birthday for Sawyer.

    Hugs and kisses to everyone,

    Love Auntie K

    1. Auntie Karen, you cant see but you were in the photo banner’s. So even though everyone could not be here, everyone was here in photo’s around the house. A piece of everyone.

      Thanks for the birthday wishes!

  2. Where did u get the onesies with the months on them? I’m also going to attempt to make birthday popcorn for a house warming party this weekend. Wish me luck

  3. WOWZA!!! Great job! I can’t believe all the work you did with the photos and stuff the party looked AMAZING! 🙂 LOVE the sparkle cake with the “wish” on top and 1st year banner. Martha, look out!

    Happy birthday Sawyer!

  4. Happy 1st birthday!! Wow what a beautiful party! He is so blessed to have such amazing parents!

    And wow to ask for donations to Cranio Care Bears in lieu of presents is such a sweet and generous thing to do! $500 will go a very long way for us and we will be able to share A LOT of care packages all over the world with this. THANK YOU to everyone who donated and especially thank you to little Sawyer!! XOXO

    1. Thank you so much for leaving a comment Summer! I feel like your a little bit of a celebrity reading my blog! We planned to ask for donations during his surgery. It’s important to support the people who supported us through tough times!

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