Tell Your Story: Mini Album

For the longest time I have had a creative block when it comes to scrapbooking. Even kits are blah to put together. But since attending Inspiration unlimited 2012 I have been dying to get back into it. The problem was, that there was so many other big projects calling my name. But a couple week’s ago I saw a mini album on Teresa Collins design fb page that I knew I had to make. I even ordered some paper for it! {ps. I almost exclusively shop for scrapbooking supplies at, and the scrapyard when I get the chance to shop it Calgary!} The paper came about a week ago, and yesterday between naps, I finally sat down and made a new favorite accordion style mini album.

One of my biggest problems in scrapbooking is over thinking. I constantly wonder how my projects could be better. Which results in me never finishing my projects. {I have about 3 half finished TC album kits upstairs still waiting to be glued down instead of half taped together.} But as I sat and looked at Teresa’s inspired project, I realized I simply liked it. I didn’t pick it apart and think “if she added a photo mat here, or an embellishment here.” Which is what I do to my own idea’s but never to anyone else. I recently watched one of her video’s on and she mentioned that for a lot of scrapbookers we feel the need to perfect it, and for her she likes to get it done and down. I really liked that thought, and it was what made me go for it on this mini album.

This is the perfect project for a beginner wanting to get into scrapbooking. I used 4 items total. Scissors, glue, one sheet of paper, and one sheet of embellishment stickers. And it did finish it during Sawyer’s two naps that day. I started with the one sheet of Teresa Collins -Tell Your Story Collection 12×12 double sided- cards. I cut the three sectioned rows horizontally. Then folded each card down in an accordion style. I overlapped two of the cards to connect the three sections.

After that I grabbed 10 of my favorite pictures through out this year {I had enough laying around after all the photo banner’s at Sawyers Party!} Sized them down, and started adding them to each card with sticker embellishments. I highlighted the stickers with a black permanent marker pen. The second card has a picture on a flap, so I can lift it to see some journaling under the photo. (10. things I love about you.) Everything else is glued down flat, not my usual style but since this all fold back down accordion style I needed it as flat as possible.

Then I finished it all up by tying it three times in some left over twine/yarn? Not sure what exactly it is, I used it all over the birthday for the banner’s. But it really completed the feel I love in this album. I think my favorite part is the way the layers come together when it is closed. I love this album, and I am definitely inspired to keep working on my scrapbooking projects now! I cant wait to share more with you soon!

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