Halloween 2012

I LOVE Halloween! And I cant wait to share my love with Sawyer this year. You can be assured there will be a million and one pictures from that special night. But for now I just wanted to share a couple from last night at a Halloween party we went to.

Brandon was Terrance from South Park’s duo Terrance and Philip. It took me about 20 minutes start to finish to make his costume. I had some left over foam board and cut an oval out of it. Used black card stock to make his hair, eyes and mouth. And then we sliced his mouth open so Brandon could animate him while talking. Brilliant since my husband can mimic Terrance’s voice perfectly. Then we attached it to his sweatband with tape. We bought a red shirt that afternoon and I made a giant ‘T’ with black tape. And voila, instant costume.

Mine took a bit more prep. I made the wind up key with a plumbing pipe. (the lightest I could find) Foam core board cut into the traditional key shape. ( I almost lost my fingers doing this,) and gold spray paint to cover the entire accessory. I glued it all together with my hot glue gun. I made a base to anchor it to, which I slid under my outfit to attach it to my outfit. I bought some 5$ tights at target. The shoes, lace skirt I wore under the dress, the dress, and the headband, I already owned. I bought a cheap white wig and trashed it, and put it in pigtails. The makeup took the longest. I covered my face in cover-up. Added some pale pink blush to my cheeks. I used black eye liner to make some painted freckles. And liquid eyeliner and red lipstick to make some creepy miniature lips, the rest of my lips were covered in cover-up. I lined my upper eyelid with liquid eyeliner and applied thick glossy eyelashes. And for the most dramatic effect, I made my doll like eyes appear bigger by placing another set of false eyelashes upside down under my eye. Then I connected them with more liquid eye liner. Lastly coloring the effect in with white eye liner. Put it all together and you have a creepy wind up doll.

It got a great response but didn’t last the night, as I bumped into anything and everything. But that’s ok because I still had the whole creepy doll thing going. And everyone else had great costumes too. The host was Dr. Alan Grant from Jurassic Park and his two {massive} Dogs were dinosaurs. Sophia Grace and her hype girl Rosie made an appearance. Honey Boo Boo arrived with a doping Lance Armstrong! Katy Perry made her own costume! Barney Stinson and Robin Sparkles, Batman and Robin, Some Robbers, Humpty Dumpty, the most interesting man in the world, a peacock, jack in the box, And of course I am forgetting a whole bunch more. The point is, I love the creativity this holiday brings out in people.

O and I already have a second costume lined up  for Wednesday night. A little less creepy for trick or treating with a one year old. Stay tuned for all the festive fun coming up this week!!

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  1. Oh man. You’re a saint in the crafting lifestyle. I would love to have a cup of tea with you and make something cute! Hope you all have a spootacular Halloween 😀

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