The Giving Thanks Project.

This is a project I have wanted to do for awhile now. {And I am actually seeing something similar pop up on facebook this month too. Which is great!} I think too many people now a days are not thankful for the everyday things. I am guilty of it too. We tend to think of ourselves first and don’t realize that we are all so very fortunate compared to many. So for 25 days in November I am ┬áthanking people who make a difference in my life. Sometimes they are close family and friends, other times they are complete strangers, like the lady at the grocery store who ALWAYS tries to make Sawyer smile. Sometimes its a simple post it, and other times they come with little extra’s, like cupcakes, candy bars, or crafts. I would be touched to be thought of in this way, so I want these people to know they make my life a little brighter.

So today I’m writing a long distance thank you. To my sister. Who was at one time my best friend, and after years of personal struggle has worked hard to regain that friendship. I want to tell you I am so proud of the person you have become today. And have seen the great distance you have gone in the last year. {Go You!} Watching you with Braxton makes me heart grow {Three times its size! It’s almost Christmas you know!} You are already such a good Mom, and I know you will only continue to bloom. I treasure that we are finally close again. And am enjoying all our long distance chats lately. I can’t tell you how much you mean to me, and I am so blessed to have you back in my life.

I know I dont tell you this enough, I love you. Thanks for being a wonderful Auntie and a great part of my life.

7 thoughts on “The Giving Thanks Project.”

  1. I recieved my first Christmas gift today, your blog made my heart so full!! There were many times in the past five years I longed for my girls to be close, but I see now it was a growing time for all of us! We love deeper because we have seen a dark side of life and realize all we have is each other….forgiveness is a beautiful trait to have. I am so proud of my beautiful daughters, and feel very blessed to be a part of their lives <3

  2. Hi Alissa!

    I saw that you and your mom were talking about eyelash curlers on facebook….you both said it works really well and is only $5.99?? Will you please tell us where to get it and what kind it is? ­čÖé


  3. Thank you Alissa! I love your blog, I have been reading it for a while. I loved this post. Sisters can go through different ‘seasons’ where sometimes you are close, and sometimes there is distance, but you always come back together. Nobody knows you like a sister does.

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