It’s come and gone. The candy has all been eaten, the decorations gone. But there is many memories that will stay in my heart. And thankfully! I captured them all on camera. {My sister in law is convinced Sawyer is the most photographed child on earth. She thinks my next child will be picture deprived compared to him. I think she’s in for a shock when the next, and next, and next are even more photographed!} But I will admit, I am a hoarder when it comes to pictures. But in the end they are all you’re left with, and I wouldn’t trade them for anything. This was our first year going door to door. And Sawyer loved it. Running down the driveway’s more than collecting candy, but we did a whole block. He walked the entire thing! Didn’t even let me hold his hand, his own little self already! It was a fantastic night, I hope yours was as spook-stastic!

And every year on Halloween, after I plan my costume for weeks. And beg Brandon to get into a last minute one an hour before we leave, {I do always win on that one!} Every year we take a picture just the two of us, always the same self portrait angle. And now after 5 pictures we are building quite the collection. This is definitely my favorite Halloween tradition. And I cant wait to continue growing this memory and watch us grow through the years!

Happy Halloween Everyone!


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