Giving Thanks Post #3

Dear Wonderful friend.

I won’t be posting your name since it’s a little personal and I have not asked permission. I was going to write you a little note last night since I have been thinking lots of you. But today is your birthday so much more fitting that you get a BIG message! HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

What’s even more exciting than your birthday, is someone else’s birthday. As you prepare to have a very emotional delivery due to medical diagnoses, I am reliving our medical roller coaster ride. So I do not envy you as you begin this journey. But I know you are stronger than you could ever imagine. And this new little boy is getting the best Momma ever. You will get through this and into the best days of a new baby so soon!

You inspire me daily. And even more often I find myself wishing we lived closer, let alone in the same country. {Though we both know we would be up to too much trouble as well as broke!} I treasure that we have stayed so close through the ever expanding distance between us. I dream of the day we get together again!

But since this is a thank you post {part of the Giving Thanks 2012 project} I wanted to take the time to really thank you. For the countless little packages I’ve received from afar. A head band, a Christmas box of goodies for Sawyer, I recently found a Christmas card from 2009 from you! For all the wonderful cheerleading memories with you! Maybe even credit you with the beginning of Brandon and I’s relationship, through all those Moxie’s coaching dinner’s! You have been with me through so much, and we have so much to look forward to together.

You were and still are big part of my life. I wish for you only the best. Truly. You are one of the few 100% good people out there. And I am blessed for having you in my life. I hope everyone you know appreciates you. And if they don’t now you know that I do.

I’ll be thinking of you until I see that beautiful boy’s face with your smiling one right beside it. {If only on facebook!}

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