Christmas Party 2012

I¬†briefly¬†mentioned that we went to a Christmas Party for a company Brandon freelances for. Last thursday we went to our first DAV Christmas Bash. There hasnt been one due to the economy since Brandon worked for them full time in 2008. So needless to say I think lots of people were excited to see it back on! They even had snow falling at the entrance, {thanks to snow machines of course.} It was fun hanging out with friends and childless. We love that chubby cheeked red head but its nice to have some Mommy/Daddy alone time too! I didnt even take my camera with me, and if you know me you know my camera is my lifeline. So I have been waiting till today to see and share the few photo’s from the night. And here they are!

This is going to be a short post because Sawyer is playing throw the baseball at Mommy’s computer the entire time I’ve been writing this. {He has a surprisingly good arm for a 1 year old!}

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