Words To Live By.

Clearly I’ve got things going on in my life when I have no post’s between my weekly WORDS TO LIVE BY. posts. I had both grandma’s here, plus Sawyer is sick with the flu, round 2! I’m posting this while babysitting, Im┬ámaking a cake tonight, and tomorrow I am photographing a party! Lots going on, life is so busy, which mean’s its so good! Here is this week’s words to live by, before my computer dies!

Screen Shot 2013-01-25 at 9.20.24 PM

Are you all catching onto the lissables plan yet…..


I think this is perfect for such a busy week where I am constantly forgetting about the little moments. Like the kids I babysit guessing my age to be 9, after talking about his 4th birthday on Sunday. {Don’t get too excited though, the next two guesses where 49 & 65!} And the barely catchable moments where Sawyer is as gentle as possible giving each of the dogs a hug. Or even when my hubby texts to say he loves me while he’s on a business trip. I wrote him first, but it’s a small miracle that he didn’t make a joke and ruin the moment. And by ruin, I mean “behave exactly like the goofy nerd I fell in love with. Who will for the rest of my life, for every occasion, buy me a card with a stupid silly dog joke on it.” Miss you babe.

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Because this is my favorite time of year in Las Vegas. Bring on the rain! I think I am one of those crazy people that would love living in Vancouver/Seattle. Each day that I wake up and its overcast, grey and drizzling I do a little happy dance inside my heart!

Screen Shot 2013-01-26 at 2.49.46 AM

Just to clear this one up, I am most indeed afraid of the night. Of the dark and all the scary things that hide in it. Especially while my hubby is away. Good thing Grandma is here to protect us all! And my big guard dogs. But it’s such a beautiful quote with even more beautiful typography. I’m a sucker for delicate designs like this!


Good night my wonderful and loyal reader’s!



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