Happy Birthday Auntie Kimmy

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Well it may not be like the good old days where I could surprise you with a locker full of balloons, {And you thought no one cared about you that morning!} It gets harder each year that we are apart to come up with creative birthday wishes. I have to say my second favorite was putting a package in the mail to tell you about becoming an auntie! It was in the mail on your Birthday and delivered for Valentines day. Excellent timing if I do say so myself! Your a wonderful Auntie and I know Sawyer and the future twinkles in our eye’s will come to treasure that relationship. I mean who else would do anything to get a smile out of a stubborn little boy? I love you for that, hate me for posting this…

Sister Birthday | lissables.com


This year I was even able to save on the postage and send your present home with mom. But I wish I could deliver it in person. I hope you enjoyed it! I had fun picking out things for you and your newly made life. A little necklace with two little birds. You can choose to imagine them as you and I, or how I did when I first saw it, Momma and Brax. All you need is each other. And I hope this new year for you has shown you how strong you are and what an unbelievable thing it is to love a new baby. I see you with him and I know with every inch of my heart that you will be the best mom he could ever have. {Though I think Sawyer would argue with you on that one, but let’s face it we all can’t be as amazing as his mom, wink wink}

Sister Birthday | lissables.com

I hope you had a wonderful and surprising evening surrounded by all the best people in your life! {Again, except the most important, moi} I cant wait to make more memories with you this year. I feel that we have been able to come a long way in the last year and it is something not everyone could have done. Whether on our trips we have planned, or by distance, I know each day we become more like friends again, and of course sister’s when you steal my shirt or so on! I mean come on, it’s so easy to argue with you, because your ALWAYS wrong!

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Happy Birthday Big Little Sister.

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