Princess Ariel Cake

Princess Ariel Doll Cake |

I have to confess, I LOVE making princess cakes. Not just love, Love Love. So I jumped at the chance to make one of the sweetest little princesses I know, her own princess cake. Bonus for it being Ariel, a cake I have been dying to make but couldn’t justify as a casual for myself cake.

Princess Ariel Doll Cake | lissables.comPrincess Ariel Doll Cake |

She was definitely one of my favorites growing up. {Especially since my very thoughtful mom edited out the part where Ursula grows out of the ocean and ruins everything. Nope I had a much happier version of The Little Mermaid.} She held a special kind of magic the other princesses didn’t have. Which is why I felt so terrible ripping off her so preciously acquired legs…But some things just have to be done in the name of great cakes.

Princess Ariel Doll Cake |

The Mom wanted some rings for the kids in the cupcakes and actually came up with the idea for the Sebastian cupcakes. I love them so much that I am going to run with the idea on many other theme’s! {they can be found at party city or online.}

Princess Ariel Doll Cake |


I’m so happy with the way this one turned out!

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  1. could you give me some details on how you did this and where you got all the stuff needed? i would love to make this for my daughters 4th birthday. However, i’ve only got 3 weeks!!!!! Thanks

  2. You’ve got lots of time then! It’s actually fairly easy. I use a doll cake pan. They make the dress form. But for Ariel its her sand stone. I simply iced the cake and then crushed graham crackers and push them through a sifter to get a fine sand like texture. Then I pressed the cracker against it and piled it on until I got the effect I wanted.

    You notice I mentioned I broke my dolls legs off. Just depends how tall your cake is vs you doll. I put my doll in before the icing and sanding.

    The tail is entirely made of fondant. I just used store bough fondant from Michaels. Tint it and form it into the shape of her tail. The tail and fin are 2 pieces. I use a toothpick to make the details. I also use a toothpick to hold the bottom of the tail in place as it can be heavy. The necklace is out of fondant too. Had it not been a beach doll with a bathing suit top built in, I would have also made her sea shell bra out of fondant.

    And that’s about it! If you need any more info or last minute questions, you can email me at

    Thanks for your interest in lissables!

  3. what did you use for the crab eyeballs? I love this so much and want to replicate your cake and cupcakes for my daughters party. Thanks!

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