Becketts Buzz Birthday!

Today was my nephews first birthday party! Wow where did that year go!

Happy Birthday Beckett!

And of course I brought the cake! My sister in law wanted a similar order to the baby shower she hosted and I catered a month ago. So I re strung my favorite cake plates with themed Buzz lightyear colors, tinted my icing to match and to infinity & beyond, we had an amazing display! I also did a personal cake for him to squish with those little fingers! Jess found some super cute toy story ring toppers to add to the theme and the kids loved them!

And did he ever squish with those little fingers! I think thats my favorite thing about a first birthday, every kid gets coated in icing. I made sure to make his personal cake with extra icing just to be sure!

So Happy Birthday to my cute nephew Beckett! (o and ps practically no cupcakes left over afterwards! always my favorite sight to see!)

PPS I had found this amazing little personal cupcake holder while we were in calgary and I just had to test it out. Now I’m addicted and want tons of them! I mean how cute is that!

Have a great weekend everyone!

Little Girls Birthday Party Cakes

This morning I got up bright and early to whip up some fun girly cupcakes for two special little girls with birthdays today and tomorrow. They ordered 12 pink and purple for one and 12 green and blue for the other. And  two big ones for the birthday girls, with special monogram toppers.

Then I got them all put away in boxes and ready to go. How cute are they all packaged up. And with the new cupcake business cards too!

Just another beautiful cupcake morning here at lissables. If your thinking these are too yummy to resist you know where to find me ! Have a wonderful day!

Easy Christmas Wreath Cupcakes

Do you have a family dinner coming up? Most people like to cram as many as possible into these couples days around the 25th of December. Well if you do and you offered to bring a dessert here is the answer to your “out of time” prayers. Grab your favorite cupcakes recipe, your favorite butter cream or icing. Ps box cakes and betty crocker icing work just fine for this! Because the wow is all in the presentation.

(all) You will need : A box of mint leaves, White Chocolate and a pan lined in wax paper.

Melt the Chocolate in the microwave in 30 second intervals, (trust me and dont make me post the picture of me forgetting and setting chocolate on fire in the microwave this past summer) Once melted let it cool slightly. Then simply take your finger, dip it in the chocolate and spread it evenly on the mint leaf. Im sure there is a more professional way but this is the easiest way to make it work. Then lay it chocolate side up on the wax paper and refrigerate for 30 min. Repeat the process for a second coat and refrigerate for an hour this time. Make your cupcakes as directed and let cool, ice lightly with your choice of frosting. Peel mint leaves from Chocolate (carefully but fast so it doesn’t melt in your hands) and place on the cupcakes. Arrange it with red jellies or m&m’s to be your berries. Display your cupcakes on a large dish in a circle to resemble a wreath, you can even add a large bow at the top to top it all off! And there you have it an easy but elaborate looking Christmas dessert your families will envy you for making!

TADA!  You too can do this! Because I believe in all of you!

Annual Christmas Baking Day.

And by annual I mean this is the second year doing this tradition. But hopefully not the last. Since I moved my sister in law has been one of my greatest friends. So last year and today we got together for a Christmas Baking day. We made my mother in laws amazing molasses cookies. Of which I have eating 5 already today. Going to need to make another batch tomorrow if I want them to last the weekend. (On another note that diet for Christmas pictures is going well.) We also both made batches of that Christmas Cookie Bark that I shared the recipe for the other day. If you havent made it already seriously so easy and so good. Then there is also my big family recipe: mice or poor cookies. I have no idea what their actual name is. Its the most basic cookie with a hint of cinnamon. Rolled out in long strips and then cut into small pieces. I’ll dig out the recipe and share it with you this weekend.

And that special cookie on the right was a surprise from last year. My mom sent it in the mail to get us excited about Christmas. It’s a cookie you write on with a special edible marker. How super cute is that, the cookie and her. I just love Christmas baking days. Makes it feel like the season is here. Listening to my Christmas playlist on Pandora, smelling the spices in all the cookie dough. And all those crazy people doing last minute shopping at the malls. Good thing we do all ours online. Now I’m just the crazy lady stalking my mailman trying to make sure everything gets here in time! Luckily today this little box was sitting at my door when I got home! Eeek I do heart Modcloth so. If I ever win the lottery (that I dont ever play) I will spend a good chunk there. My little sister’s present is inside so I cant give anymore hints about the picture but I had to share because it made me so happy! I think I love giving specially thought out presents as much as receiving them.

Hope you guys are all ready and relaxing in this last week before the big day. Im working on all my handmade gifts at this point, but I cant share any pictures or else those people who know me best might peek! But I will have some awesome tutorials lined up after the 25th so check back often!

Christmas Cupcakes

Last night we had a big family dinner at my sister in laws house. Everyone brought their specialty so obviously I came with cupcakes! I made some red velvet with buttercream frosting. Yum. And don’t worry I stayed as far away as possible. I’m making sure no one else gets sick. Ive had to cancel some fun stuff this week, no fun. But Here’s some highlights from last nights family thing. I love how this season makes us get together more often.

And here’s to hoping the rest of the week doesnt look like this:

Wishing you guys a great crazy 10days before Christmas!

Game Night and a Recipe.

Hello all. Tonight we had some friends over for dinner and games. I adore game nights over anything! We started with Domino’s, which I always makes me think of all the games I played with my sister and grandma when we were little. Apparently I was much better when I was 9. I lost miserably, like as bad as you can, every round. I’m cursed! So we moved on to taboo. That’s our territory and me and b finally won something. Although Brandon seems to think a violin is a “mini guitar” ha ha. We finished off the night with some scattegories! My favorite, still didn’t win but I will get them next time. Above all there was lots of laughter and that means we’re all winners! Ha ha At Christmas time we’re allowed to say overly cheesy things like that.

So for dinner I made shepard’s pie. The best part is that there will be left overs all weekend. I also made Chocolate Cookie Bark. Big hit! I dont like Chocolate and I know I need to get it out of my house because I will devour the entire plate. It’s a super easy recipe and a great snacking dessert. Here’s the recipe!

1 box white Chocolate

1 Box milk Chocolate (or semi-sweet)

2 tbsp peanut butter

12 oreo cookies crushed

Melt both Chocolate separately, add peanut butter to white chocolate. Divide crushed cookies between both chocolates and mix well. Drop on wax sheet covered pan and swirl with a knife. Refrigerate for at least one hour. Break into chunks and eat as fast as you can because others will attempt the same thing!

O also while whipping everything up I was wearing my new awesome Christmas Santa apron. Found it in the dollar isle at Target! Isn’t it too cute! And again, only a dollar. <3 Target *sigh*

So to recap, fun games, good food, great friends. Perfect night. O ya and Candy Canes!

Baby Cakes for a Baby Shower.

Today my sister in law hosted a baby shower for her sister in law and hired me to do the cupcakes! I had so much fun making a girly display of sweets. The whole shower was themed pink white and gold. So I ran with that. I think it was perfectly pretty and couldn’t have turned out better!

Brandon surprised me with making me some special matching business cards this morning so they could be displayed with the arrangement. And my sister in law being a perfect hostess had a special little spot ready for them!

And to let you in on a little decorative secret, that cake stand that I am in love with was a jumbled mess to begin with. I couldn’t seem to find the whole set but I bought the 12 inch plate at home goods. And then out of no where, the lovely lady I did a wedding for back in May emailed me and said she wanted to give me the matching 10 inch and 8 inch plates just because! What an amazing surprise and perfect timing! But they were not so pretty in color before hand. So I decided to rip that ribbon out and re string it. I love the elegance of pink and gold together but really whatever event comes I can change it to match and I will always have an amazing stand set for only 20$!

So next time your hosting a baby shower and want some simple elegant desserts beautifully displayed you know who to call!

Who said you cant go home…

Well this might have been the case if my flight had been any more delayed coming into Calgary last Wednesday. This white stuff sure causes quite the shut down on this city.

There has been lots of visiting friends and family. And of course I had to make some festive cupcakes! For my mom’s friends birthday I surprised her with Death by Chocolate cupcakes and Eggnog cupcakes. They were a hit. I like neither Chocolate or Eggnog but somehow when you add icing everything tastes amazing!

And I also got to meet a new member of the family. My sisters new puppy Karma. She is so cute! I am threatening to steal her on my way back.

Also Ive been working on my December Daily (Ali Edwards Christmas album idea) Why not when Im allowed to be in my mom massive scrapbooking stash and amazing work room. So basically I came with the album and Ive used all her stuff to complete it. Which is so nice of her to let me do.  So here’s what I have so far.

And lastly I got to spend a day with my two nephews who live here. They are only a month apart and about 4&5 months old. Babies are so precious in these early days. We took them to see Santa. And then we brought them home and I gave out my Christmas presents to them. Early because I wanted them to get a lot of use of these way too cute Christmas pj’s! In fact I bought all 4 of my nephews matching ones, but until Christmas day I wont see them all together. So here’s a preview of how cute these babies look!

And other than all that fun stuff all Ive been enjoying is sitting inside by a fire reading. It may be cold but this snow covered country side is just beautiful in the winter. I do miss it so. But I’ll be back in about 3 weeks! Already counting down to coming back and I haven’t even left yet!