Felt Fortune Cookies

This has been my favorite project of the “14 days of Valentines” Ive been putting it off because I thought it would be a lot of work. Turns out I was half right. They are time consuming. But so worth it! I mean could they be any cuter!

Its a simple assembly line craft. And you can make it even simpler. Grab some felt (it can be any color, I wanted mine to be a realistic color, but I have seen them in pink and red for a valentine theme too.) A marker, some paper, a cute Chinese take out box and your option between hot glue gun or a needle and thread with sew one snaps. To make your circles you can use any item around your house. I choose a wide mug. I would go a wee bigger with mine next time, but its all about experimenting.

After you cut out all your circles, fold them in half. Here you will choose to either glue your two points together, or do what I did and sew on snaps. I wanted to be able to open mine up and when I was looking at these most of them were glued shut. But I figured no sense in that. Although it would have been easier. I just eyeballed mine after folding it in half. One on each side and then brought them together and they make a fortune cookie!

Write down your special secret message on a little piece of paper. Whether it be a little love note or a special 4 word question. Fortune cookies always make people smile, so make some everlasting one. And even better no calories!

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