Mini Munchies

So Im writing this knowing I wont have time to share a craft with you today. I had a cupcake order this morning. Which was filled at 5am because my neighbor seems to think the louder his truck is the more the people around him will like him. Not such the case so as a warning if you value your life don’t honk your horn again at 5 am!

Rant done, let me show you the cute mini cakes that went out to a middle school teachers meeting today! Vanilla mini cupcakes with school colors red, blue, and white buttercream. Super cute! I am learning to love mini’s above regular cupcakes because they are just two bites of delicious-ness! Vs. me eating ten big ones…

MMM Yum! Aren’t those cute little cupcakes irresistible ! Those 5 left overs are having a stare down with me. I think Im going to win. Or is it lose if I devour them all?

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