52 Reasons to Love You

This is my unfinished project. But its perfect for a Vday present. All your going to need is a permanent marker/pen, a deck of card, some protective finish spray, and a little bit of imagination. I made mine for my mom for her birthday in a couple weeks. But since she flies through here tonight I needed it ready early. And since I’ve also been cleaning like mad! haha its my mom after all. Since Ive been busy I havent completely put it together but you will get the idea.

A pack of cards has 52 cards, 52 reminders of love. I wrote down one reason in each card why I love my mom. Funny ones, silly ones, real ones, little ones, big ones. A special little reminder someone can carry with them and pull out on a down moment. Its a great way to make a mini album for someone as a gift. I plan on adding some pictures to the back of some of the cards too. Then put them all on a jump ring and tada you have the perfect gift for someone you care about.

Happy Saturday everyone!

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