O Hey Remember Me?

I wouldnt blame you if you didnt. But hey life sometimes is more important than a computer. I know, I know, crazy right! So anyways life was a little crazy, my parents were in town, and it was Valentines Day and blogging got away from me!

But Im back! (and hopefully your excited about that) No crafts or fun stuff to share with you guys today. Just some highlights from the last week. But I have some recipes to share and some upcoming projects in the coming days! Yay.

So Vday was pretty calm. Since we normally celebrate a week after. So I was not expecting anything and completely missed my surprise. A set of plates I had mentioned I like too much 2 weeks ago. My mom just casually says “these are sure nice plates, when did you get them?” haha apparently that same minute. Such a sweetie I have. The funny part was that the location he went to was out of the small plates so he wrote that sweet note from my fridge grocery pad list. Again too cute! So for our low key night in I got to make my heart pasta and serve it on my new plates!

And since they dont have any grandbabies of their own. We borrowed my sister in law’s little boys. We soon discovered my dad is just a big kid who also enjoys playing pretend picnic’s. And my mom had her hands full of another little monkey! They really love being around those kids. Because they are just a bunch of big kids!

And on our last day together we decided to get out and have some fun family time. I suggested bowling, since I love it. And then for the third time this year discovered I still have not learned how to bowl. Apparently its pretty comical when I hurl that ten pound ball. Brandon imitated it and I have to say Im awesome. So there was lots of laughs, and many more gutter balls. But all around a perfect way to end the trip!

All in all always great to have family visit. And of course it always goes too fast. So until next time. Love you Miss you and counting down the days.

2 thoughts on “O Hey Remember Me?”

  1. Your parents are awesome! I’m so glad they make such an effort to come see you… and vice versa. I’d go nuts if I couldn’t see my parents frequently.

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