Unwritten rules

This sentence is going to make my dad happy. In life you need rules. There I said it, Im no longer the teenager breaking all of them. Of course there is the general ones, wear your seat belt, don’t swim after eating, never give info over the Internet. But those are standard and sometimes standard is boring. So in my life I have some unwritten rules too.

Rule #1

Always, ALWAYS stop and buy lemonade from the kids on the corner.

Every time I see that pitcher of lemonade I have to stop. They are usually so happy and especially nervous. Sometimes I don’t get enough money back. Sometimes I get too much and have to help them out. Some are good like the kid in the next block who seems so be a weekly stand lately haha. And of course I’ve had some where I cant wait to get around the corner to spit it back out. But most importantly its about a good old tradition. I can still remember hanging outside my friend Justine’s house to sell lemonade on a rare summer day in Calgary. And then ripping down to the 7-11 to spend out earnings on penny candy. Nothing replaces childhood happiness so if I can help in any way, especially when its as easy as a dollar of lemonade, who can say no. O this rule applies to girl guide cookies as well!

Rule #2

The shopping cart always gets returned.

I’m not sure why this has always been a rule. Could be because the Safeway near us made you pay a quarter for each cart. As a kid rounding up a couple was an easy bag of penny candy in my hands. (have you noticed I did, maybe still do anything to get my hand on candy?) Anyways it bothers me to no end when people cant walk the ten steps to put their cart back. So when I’m taking mine back I usually grab a couple extras. Brandon even got in the swing of things today when he rounded up a stray one that people were literally driving around to avoid. When did people get so lazy?

Rule #3

Always celebrate with cake!

Anniversary, Birthdays, Christmas, V-day, Mothers day, April fools day, Saturday, Tuesday. Celebrate the big and the little days with cake. Because not everyone will always be there for you, but cake and icing will. Ok but these friends aren’t the nicest to your waist line so maybe don’t celebrate every day with them.


And this is the most important.

Always tell the people you love that you love them.

Nothing is certain in this life. So if you have the chance tell those special people how much you care about them. It may sound cheesy but I try to end every phone call with an I love you. Emails, letters, sometimes even texts. Love is the most important thing in the world so share it. You never know when you wont be able to anymore.

And between all those boring rules and your own unwritten rules. Try to have fun. Live your life. Love yourself.

Have a Happy Monday!

2 thoughts on “Unwritten rules”

  1. Oh I love this! You’ve inspired me to write down my own unwritten rules! I have to write a journal entry everyday for an english class I’m taking and this is going to be the theme of my next one! I might have to read it in class, so I’ll let you know how it goes if I do! You forgot about the importance of turtles wearing seatbelts Ali! haha oh good times 🙂

    1. Aw It makes my day when I can inspire someone else! I normally dont just write, but I’m glad I did and your going to take the same idea away from it. I cant wait to hear how yours goes!
      And of course Seatbelt turtles are unwritten rule number 5 😉

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