My Mom is My Hero & Happy Birthday

Every kid is asked at some point in grade school to write about their hero. And most choose mom or dad. I was not a chooser. So I’m pretty sure I wrote about my aunt? But I do have a book that I wrote in at a young age. All my wildest dreams. I remember reading that I thought I was going to be a hair dresser/ phone girl. Apparently I wanted to be both my parents at once. But now Ive turned out to be neither. And maybe that’s for the best. I mean we would have never discovered my amazing cupcake skills if not!

But I wanted to share some stories today. (And pictures because what better ways to share memories for a picture-holic like me.) Being that it is a special birthday. I bet you cant guess who’s. She is not just my mom. (My dad is going to hate this) she is my best friend. (Don’t worry dad you are too. But today is not your day.) I can talk to her about anything. We can laugh about nothing. We can cry at the same song on the radio. We can spend an hour on the phone and not realize its gone by so fast. I’m lucky enough that she visits me as much as she does. Sometimes I think I see her more than some people that live in the same city, let alone country. And I cherish that. The main thing is I love her and nothing can replace her.

My mom is not much taller than me and being that little automatically makes you cute. Plus she has her fair share of blond moments. I could remember more I wasn’t also blond myself. My favorite would be the doughnut ride. But that’s an inside joke and it wouldn’t be anymore if I told you. There is also the Disney coffee, and the sausage. I hope those made you laugh out loud mom. Because I love your laugh. And even more I love your laugh lines. It shows you’ve had an amazing life. And that should be nothing to hide.

My mom is also the one who inspired my love of creativity. Scrapbooking to photography. Home decor to shopping. She is very good at inspiring you to make anything your own. Now half the things in my house are handmade and I wouldn’t want it any other way. But she inspired so much more. Reading, and if you didn’t know I’m the crazy person who sometimes gets so into a book I need to read it all in one sitting. No matter how late it gets. Cheerleading, yup my mom was the one who let me reach those dreams of flying. Sometimes I wish she had pushed just a little harder that last year. I sure do miss it.And of course just being loving person in general. What goes around comes around. That’s what she always said. And she didn’t think it meant the mean things others did would come around to them eventually. She meant if you are a wonderful person wonderful things will happen to you. Yes she did have a lot of sayings. It was like she was a phrase book in high school. “whats meant to be will be,” “a minute on the lips, forever on the hips,” haha she’s not cruel just honest. And there was a million others. And we can laugh about some. And others I know she was telling the truth. She was helping me through every “horrific” high school break up and celebrating every time I was on top of the world.

And though its hard to be apart. I know our relationship never suffers. It grows stronger with each day. Because she is my mom. She will always be there for me. And I will always be there for her. So on this one day a year. I wanted to share how much she means to me. I love you more. Happy Birthday Mom.

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