Mother Day Cupcakes

I did a big order for a Mothers Day Lunch yesterday. I think cupcakes are perfect for Mothers Day because its something little and just for them and just a little sweet! And if you were thinking of getting flowers why not get cupcakes that look like flowers! Its one of my favorites, I found liners that are full flowers with petals and everything. I did a set last year for a friends baby shower and fell in love. This time I did yellow for all the special moms. Both are beautiful and I cant wait to make more. It was such a fun order to make. 24 vanilla with vanilla buttercream and rainbow sprinkles for the kids, 24 vanilla with chocolate buttercream and white sprinkles, and 24 lemon with vanilla buttercream. The moms were all in the flower liners, and the kids got regular liners. It was a lot but it was so worth it. They all turned out so pretty! Then I packed them up all and delivered them in the morning. The best part was when she called me later that afternoon and opened the call with “I have bad news.” ¬†Immediately I thought the cupcakes had spilt in the car ride to the event. (I only took them half way.) But instead the bad news was that she had already eaten 3 cupcakes! Music to my ears. And of course how could they be bad. I had 6 left over and they went even faster after company came for lunch. Lemon might indeed be my new favorite now.

So Hooray for cupcakes and Mothers Day. (Ps this is the first I get to celebrate myself!) And although you may not get lissables cupcakes for Mothers Day remember to do something special for the moms in your life! They give you 364 days of the year, so make their 1 special!

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