Its A Boy!

Dear everyone, My mom is in town and hasn’t been since January. So all my time is spent with her instead of blogging. So sad for you, yet so great for me. If you live away from family you know what I’m talking about. Every little second counts. Today she is even going to work with me. Good thing I work for the best people ever! And will I ever get some sweet training for having kids because we went on Wednesday for our ultrasound and it is, in the ultrasound tech’s words “100% Boy, no questions asked.”

So needless to say we now own a lot of little boy outfits! I’ve discovered Baby Gap’s Boy section. In previous visits I was unaware there was a boy section because I was too caught up in frills and pink. But Ooing and ahhing was definitely going on on the other side this week. This is going to be one very sharply dressed kid.

So I have to run but I had to share the good news with all of you! I hope your all having as perfect a week as I am! Have a good weekend!

1 thought on “Its A Boy!”

  1. Chip bump: Bwwaaaaaahhaaaa!! Dad spilled the beans today: San Jeet: perfect!! Best wishes from Calgary.

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