Birthday Week

In our house we have a little tradition. Birthdays are too special to just celebrate on one day. Thus last year I invented Birthday Week! And how could my hubby forget, I do casually mention it the other 51 weeks of the year. He even got into it this year, but still didnt use it to its fullest like myself. Last year I used it as an excuse to make cake or cupcakes every single day of the week. (I think I need to avoid that part this year!) This year Brandon kicked it up a notch. I didn’t even see it coming.

Yesterday was the first official day of Birthday Week. I woke up to a card on his pillow. Inside it said “On the first day of Birthday Week your true love gave to you: A comic of you Pinteresting!” How adorable is that. He had custom drawn a comic of myself, and my recent addiction of Pinterest. We had recently joked around about starring in comic books and he stated that mine would just be a repeating frame of me on Pinterest. Enjoy!

Today I woke up again to a card on his pillow! Yay repeating theme! And this time it was propped up on 2 bags of kettle chips. Inside it said “On the second day of Birthday Week, you true love gave to you: 2 bags of chips and a comic of you Pinteresting!” See where he is going with this! I did mention if he continued there was going to have to be seven items at some point. Its going to make it hard to go to sleep every day this week. Its like Christmas morning every time I wake up!

How fun is Birthday Week! And how awesome is my hubby!

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