Birthday Week Day 3

And the tradition continued. Today I woke up to yet another card on his pillow. I think there is a theme with the cards. As this one was a little kitty hanging from a tree, and on the inside it said “Some days, its tougher to hang in there than other days.” Haha Its not even a birthday card. But it did make me laugh so that’s a very Brandon thing to do. Might I add the card yesterday was a dog in a lab coat. With the caption “Birthday Greetings from the lab. I cant wait to see tomorrow’s card! This is really starting each day like its your birthday! Love that saying.

And following in the 12 days of Christmas song style todays gift as stated in the card was:

On the third day of Birthday Week, Your true love gave to you: Three Venus razors, 2 bags of chips and a comic of you pinteresting!

Stay tuned for more cuteness through Birthday Week.

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