Birthday Week Day 4

Its Sunday, and I woke up all ready to have my favorite Sunday Breakfast. A Big Flat Danish Pancake. To others this is known as Crepes, but that’s what we all grew up calling them. So for the longest time I didn’t know pancakes were actually fluffy and thick, I thought everyone else was weird. But instead Day 4 surprised me yet again!

On the Fourth day of Birthday Week your true love gave to you: 4 Cinnabons, 3 venus razors, 2 bags of chips, and a comic of you pinteresting!

Yup I may have mentioned how amazing a cinnabon was way back in the calgary trip. He kept that treasure locked away in his mind. There is not one at all close to us so he drove 35 minutes each way to get these babies. Its a pregnant ladies dream! Haha And Lets be clear. I am not receiving all of them again each day. Its one thing per day, so no mom you don’t have to worry that now I will receive two bags of chips and 4 cinnabons every morning to eat!

Its getting super fun to wake up each day. He did slip up a little. He started one day early. Poor guy, I told him that yesterday and he was a little disappointed so now I get my big present one day early. (He doesn’t want to stop it and miss a day.) What could it be? You’ll just have to stay tuned to find out, like me!

Happy Birthday Week Sunday everyone!

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