Birthday Week Day 5

This by far was one of the funniest day’s. Because it just does not make any sense. Even what he wrote in the card made me laugh. Apparently he was singing the original song in his head to get the wording right. The quote went like this:

On the fifth day of Christmas…. Wait……Birthday Week! Your true love gave to you:

5 Random Thiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiings!

4 cinnabons, 3 venus razors, 2 bags of chips, and a comic of you pinteresting!

Haha did it make you laugh? He actually wrote out that many i’s to sound like the song. And Random things really means as random as he could get? A spray bottle, deck of cards, scotch tape, fruit roll-ups, and sour belts. He did admit that the original idea was to do 5 baby things, and then he realized that baby items are a little more expensive. (might be a little late for that realization, me being almost 7 months pregnant and all.) But its the thought that counts on things like this! And it did make me laugh, which is what he really does best.

Ah yes and again with the dog themed birthday cards. I was never aware they made this many different dog themed birthday cards. Stay tuned for day 6 & 7 I was told they were the best. I was also told he hadn’t yet planned 6 so Im not sure how its one of the best without knowing what it is, but I believe him!

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