Birthday Week Finale!


Well just like he did say, day six and seven were by far the best and extremely exciting. I saw neither of them coming. And he’s right I cant choose which one was a bigger surprise. Lets start with Day 6!

I got up to a card that said:

“On the sixth day of birthday week your true love gave to you Six birthday cards! Six invisible things!”

It was truly magical. Remember he told me earlier that this might be a tie for the best day? Thats what I was thinking too. So I got up and got ready. I was picking up a family friend from the airport to meet with the gift my parents had sent and then go out for lunch together. Brandon agreed to go with me. And while we waited for them my mind spun. Finally I saw them on the escalator. And no one else. I whispered in Brandon’s ear that I really thought he had surprised me with my mom visiting for the weekend. And in all Brandon fashion he looked at me and told me that we honestly could not afford that. And then the thought was gone. We walked with them to baggage claim and they made me open the present my mom had sent and made them take as carry on. Just as I was adoring the album my mom had made me someone behind me whispered in my ear “isn’t that cute!” a voice I have known my entire life. My Mom! They did surprise me with a visit! And it was definitely a surprise! A wonderful one!

You can tell in the pictures I have no idea as she sneak up behind me! What a special birthday present. And later on I read the card again as I was showing my mom and it had been changed. “On the sixth day of birthday week your true love gave to you:Six Birthday CardsSix Invisible things Six days with your Mom!”


How could he possible manage to top a surprise visit from my mom on my birthday? Day seven’s card read:

“On the seventh Day of birthday week your true love gave to you:

Nope Im tired of singing, just open your bangin present already”

And it was my birthday and it was a big box, so I was excited! He did tell me right before opening it that he was nervous about it. So I wondered what it could be. I hadn’t mentioned anything lately. I pulled the paper off the top and underneath was a label for a breast pump. Im not a good liar so it took everything in me to put the smile on my face. and the only words that came out were “ooooooooo, its a breast pump?” He didnt say anything. How could I be mad? He was being a proactive dad early on. But it wasnt what I imagined as being tied with a surprise visit from my mom. He prompted me to open it and put it together. And when I opened the box it was a moment of shock. Inside was not a breast but but instead a new macbook! Last thing on my mind. But lets face it mine has been unable to hold pictures on it for the last 3 months. And in my world thats a big problem! He was probably tired of me constantly stealing his and filling it with pictures. And I was worried about a new baby and the millions of pictures I would be holding on to. But I never expected it so he was right, tied with my other surprise for sure!

I really was spoiled for my birthday this year! Thanks for reading and being a part of Birthday Week 2011 with us. It sure was a fun one!

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