My 24th Birthday!

This year I turn 24. I celebrate my 3rd anniversary. I am going to give birth to my first child. I was a red head. I travelled to LA, London, Colorado, and Calgary. I will be published twice. And my cupcake business is taking off. But most importantly I am surrounded by love. Family and friends.

My birthday was no exception. With my mom here as a surprise it was already better. We kicked off the day early, I made my own cake of course! And I got to try a new decorating technique. Ruffle frosting. Loved it, easy and beautiful. It was a lemon cake, my favorite since getting pregnant. With pink frosting, because I think its going to be the last pink around the house for awhile! So here is my Pink Lemonade Ruffle Cake!

I loved it! So for the rest of the day my mom gave me another amazing present. She helped (By help I mean she did it all) Me clean my house. Not like she did the dishes, no she¬†organized¬†and deep cleaned almost every room in my house. This belly gets in the way for sure so this was truly an amazing gift! Even if it meant we spent my birthday cleaning. We met up with our family friends for dinner at BJ’s, My favorite broc and cheese soup and pizookies for dessert. Yes I had dessert and birthday cake. Do you often get the excuse that your pregnant and its your birthday!

After dinner we all went back to my house for cake! A beautiful rendition of Happy Birthday, and then it was all over. Until next year when Birthday week makes its way into our home again! But this year is going to be hard to top! Thanks all the wonderful birthday wishes from everyone!

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