The Help

Its one of my favorite books. I read it last September. I started it on the first day of our vacation home. I was finished it 3 days later. I couldn’t put it down. The story take place in 1960’s in small town Jackson, Mississippi. Its about the controversy of the black maids working in the white households. There are many stress points in these ladies lives, including taking care of and loving the white ladies children and dealing with shared indoor plumbing.

The story really takes off when a young white girl who dreams of being a published writer starts a project interviewing these maids about their experiences. It witty, emotional, and an amazing story beginning to end. I cant even tell you how excited I have been waiting for the movie. But then we won advanced screening tickets! So tonight I got to see it a week before everyone else!

I was first in line, 30 weeks pregnant and waiting 2 hours early. (everyone has to be there 2 hours early but still) I was too excited. It doesn’t disappoint. Its the best book to movie adaptation Ive seen. I now know why its so long (2 hrs 17 min) because they dont leave anything out! Wow. I was impressed they covered it all. The cast is fantastic! Viola Davis brings Aibileen’s character to life in every way. Octavia Spencer brought Minnie’s character even further. I want to know her personally all over again! Minnie and Celia have a realistic humorous relationship that you cant help but love. And Emma Stone actually pulled off Skeeter better than I originally thought.

If you are looking for your summer feel good movie, you’ve found it. Ive never seen an audience react so well to a movie like this. There is laughter and tears to go around the entire movie. And the tears are not even all sad, most of them are happy tears as you feel so touched by a characters experience. Its a must see. So go get together for a girls night, or do as I did and drag your husband along. Although it wouldn’t have been his first choice, he did admit it was very well done.

The casting, the characters, the script not veering from the book, the sets and costumes. Everything was right on. I felt like I was in the south in the 1960’s. Doesn’t hurt that Im an addict of everything 60’s! I really would have thrived. I know in the book club questions it asks you to pick a character you would be. Most women say Skeeter, because we all wish we could be her, but lets face it not many of us in those times would be so daring. And Im not saying we’re all Miss Hilly’s either. I imagine myself as Miss Celia Foote. Just looking for a good friend. If you have read or see the movie I would love to hear who everyone else finds a special connection with.

And through all of this the only important thing to take from this post is go read the book first, if you havent already, and then see the movie. You will love both!

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