Pinterest Inspired

Remember my introduction to pinterest? You can go back and read it here. And its been 3 months. I have 1825 pins so far, on 25 boards. You can check them all out on my profile page.

my favorites are when I find something and actually get off my butt to use it in my life. Like remember my birthday cake a couple posts back. That was pinterest inspired!

And on the same week, while I had my hair stylist mom around to help, I requested her help with a style I saw on pinterest. The waterfall braid. Its everywhere on pinterest right now. But there was no way even with the attached video tutorial where the girl shows how on herself, I was ever going to attempt it myself. But my mom hod it whipped together in seconds. Such a cute different look, and great when you have no hair like me, to have it actually look thick!

And my next project is of course pinterest inspired too. Well I found it awhile back and put it into the pinterest library, but it still counts. Its a baby blanket that looks simple enough for me to attempt. I went and bought all the material and supplies that I need. Hopefully it turns out as well as these other two pinterest inspired projects. But here is the blanket Im going to hopefully have hanging in the nursery in a couple days. If it happens I will be sure to share the whole project with you here!

So if your not already, get on pinterest and get inspired!

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