300 times a day.

Children laugh 300 times a day and we only laugh 15-100. How can that be. Is that why I always want to see the whole through a child’s eyes? I think who ever can up with this stat needs to spend a week in my house.

Just this morning my hubby was telling me of his brother’s loving gesture to his wife on their anniversary. (Congrats guys on five years!) Of course just hearing the idea was enough to get anyone’s eyes misty. But he proceeded to tell me that’s not his style and that he would rather see my smile instead of tears. Cue Awww.

And he’s so right. That’s his style. laughter runs through our house more than anything in the else. In fact our whole relationship has been like that. The night he proposed there was non stop jokes (at my expense!) His wedding speech to me included a detailed description of how hairy my legs were on our first date. And every day since he can always make me laugh. Even when we are in the middle of a fight and its the last thing I want to do. (which is usually why I try to hide from him when I’m really pissed. Then he cant cheat.) I’m sure when I’m in labor he’ll be trying the same thing. And who knows maybe it will work haha. Though trust me I’m not counting on it!

Its something I truly treasure about our relationship. I hope you have someone in your life that makes you laugh as much as possible. Life too short not to laugh 300 times a day.

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