Nursery Updates!

Should I even call it an update? I have barely shared this pregnancy with the blog. Maybe because its going so fast! How can 30 weeks already be gone. Now Im in the phase of “O my gosh there is going to be a baby here so soon, Im so excited lets get everything done/O my gosh there is going to be a baby here so soon, which means I have to actually give birth.” My goodness its pretty split between the two.

But for right now lets say its only excitement over this nursery coming together! First we painted the room. Gold Coast White by Behr. Then we put together the crib. Ive got to say Ive heard they are a pain to assemble. But this thing is solid, so it was as simple as it could possibly be.

This week with my mom we found the most amazing find at a consignment store. Around the first corner was a dresser and matching end table in the same color as my crib. Could it be possible. The lady who walked in behind us looked interested too but I had my whole pregnant body over it until the sold sign was on it. Its really completing the look I had envisioned. I am going for simple vintage. Lots of little antique touches, handmade tokens of love. I cant wait to see it all finished, because I love it so much already.

As we keep creating this adorable little room I will try to update you all! Ps If you love Clifford the Big Red Dog as much as I do and want to share it with your kids or just remember it for yourself, Kohls Cares is running a special fundraiser right now. 100% of the profits actually go to the foundation, and each dog (they have clifford, t-bone, cleo and mac) and hard cover book that contains two stories are only 5$ So you get something great from your childhood and support a good cause!

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