Be Back Soon.

You may have noticed I have not been around lately. My little white mac is in being repaired right now and I am so not tech savvy. It took me a couple days to figure out how to log into my own website. I am sad. So please forgive me that I am behind as per usual on my blogging. I’ve also been dealing with feeling very inadequate for topics to blog. After 5 months of SAWYER SAWYER SAWYER, CRANIOSYNOSTISIS, SURGERY, RECOVERY!

I feel like my life is so boring again! Which is great, it just doesn’t give me much to talk about. My lovely sister has offered to have her baby in my car on a 2 hour road trip between cities so I get to deliver the baby in the backseat. Just for a blog story of course. Isn’t that so sweet of her! I told her she might rethink that “no pain killer” thing in the actual moment.

So be patient. I will be back on my toes asap. My computer should be back in the coming days. Yay. I don’t know what to do without all my millions (yes that’s probably accurate,) of pictures. But I did manage to get a new shutterfly book made, all about Sawyers story from diagnoses to recovery. It will be an amazing memento. As well as some thank you cards, for our friends and family that went out of their way to show their love for Sawyer. So I will be sharing those. I’ll be talking about some books and my re-found love of reading, plus some hair style stuff! I may have been able to teach myself to french braid my own hair last night! Again this is the exciting stuff in my life now 😉 And of course with my birthday coming up, all those shenanigan’s and as always lots and lots of lissables creation cakes!

Thanks for sticking around for the boring side of lissables 2012!

4 thoughts on “Be Back Soon.”

    1. Its great! other than the not napping haha. Maybe that’s the real reason I am behind on blogging. How are you guys doing Grace? Remember its almost over! and you can get back to a boring life too!

    1. I thought the same thing. I fed Sawyer at 11 which was 30 min before our cut off for food. He was still asleep when I woke him up to go and I was so afraid he was going to be extremely pissed at us. He was surprisingly good, especially because it was a new environment to look at everything. And babies in hospitals always get extra attention. He even took a nap while we waited for the surgeons to arrive. Maybe she will surprise you. Just try and relax as much as possible, they feed off your energy and its nice to enjoy some snuggle happy time before the anxiety of waiting for the surgery outcome. Feel free to email me anytime this week. I’ll check often to see how you guys are doing! Good luck, try not to stress too much. She will amaze you at her strength. And you will be better seeing her do so well. Its a scary process but its almost over!

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