Book Week. {2012 Edition}

I am declaring this book week on lissables. I have been meaning to do this for awhile. I have a huge love of reading. And somehow with a 9 month old its gone into overdrive in the last couple months. I said I would never read on a kindle. I was a die hard, the bigger the hard cover monster book, the better. However, {and that’s a big however.} I am hooked. 100% I don’t leave the house without this dang thing now! {special thanks to my wonderful husband who gave it to me!}

That being said, lets start at the beginning when I toted around 1-2 of those monster books everywhere I went. There has been so many books over the years, so I am going to pull some out to talk about. Some that are embarrassing! Ones that I still think about daily, and others that are just fun, yes I read twilight and fell for it hard too. Books, not the movies! Just had to clear that up.

Lets start with the summer we spent 6 weeks travelling in the back of a truck pulling a trailer across Canada and the USA. Let’s add that I was a teenage girl. I hated my family. Normal and regrettable. I have already apologized to both of my parents for that time in my life, it certainly didn’t end there. Teenage girls. So instead of enjoying the awesome trip my parents gave us, I spent most of my time with my head in my books.

{FYI these are the only pictures I can pull up last minute, from this time in my life. I did say there would be embarrassing parts to this book tell all!}

V.C. Andrews. It’s a right of passage isn’t it? At least that’s how I feel. My mom said she read them at the same age, I think my sister took a little interest in them. Certainly not like me though. The only parts of the trip I got involved in was buying more at the vintage, antique, second hand book stores. My copies were all well loved with yellow aged pages. I think that’s what made them even better. I started with the “Flowers in the Attic” The Dollanganger series. Quickly followed by the rest of the series, ‘Petals on the wind’, ‘If there be thorns’,  ‘Seeds of yesterday’, and ‘Garden of shadows.’ As I’m writing this and pulling all the images. I am getting a craving to re-read a couple of these. I love re-reading favorites. It would be fun to read these again 10 years later. {Whoa that’s a lot of years for this short life to be in the past already, aka am I getting old?!!}

I can’t even tell you how many other V.C. Andrews I read. As I was just scanning through them on amazon it looks like I read them ALL. {There is a reason I’ve never had a tan over summer break.} I lived for them for the next couple years. It really blossomed my love for reading. Get it, flower theme+blossomed reading. Clearly I am writing this post too late at night, and need to crawl into bed asap.

I hope you stay tuned for the coming 2012 Book Week! I’ll finish right in time for you to start Shark Week! Or in my house Birthday week! 🙂

Happy Reading Everyone!

2 thoughts on “Book Week. {2012 Edition}”

  1. I’m alittle behind with reading your posts but I love book week! Totally appropiate for you and I’m honored to be on here (Still best memory growing up getting to sleep over for your birthday and staying up late giggling on the pull out couch!)

  2. Hahaha I totally meant to tell you that I posted this picture of us! Too funny you found it anyways! All the memories involving you are my favorites. 😉

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