Book Week Day 2. {2012 Edition}

Are you still with me after yesterday’s V.C. Andrews confession? I hope so. Because today we’re going to talk about possibly my all time favorite book. This is a pretty tough award to give. But this one book has kept me mesmerized through the years. Sundowners by Lesley Lokko. The first time I read it, it was left behind at a dance studio I was working at. Don’t worry I waited forever before borrowing it. Plus I left it somewhere too. A traveling book I guess. I’ve seen it go through 3 different covers already. {Does anyone else hate when books do that! I have definitely bought double copies of other books, thinking it looks so good, only to find out it looks good because I already read it!} Both my copies have been the far right cover.

So on our second Christmas married, I had mentioned it to Brandon but didn’t think anything of it. {It was harder to get your hands on in past years because its a UK writer.} But I unwrapped that little package and it was a joyful surprise! We’ve always had books in our relationship. I think telling him about my love for reading is what made him fall just that little bit more for me. The first present I ever gave him was my favorite book. So he could read it while we were still Calgary-Toronto long distance. {little did we know how many more long distance combinations we could do!} And he has definitely bought me a number of books as presents, gone on opening days of books made into movies. And they were as girly as could be for most of them. He rocks and so do books is what I am saying.

She is a fantastic writer with an ease of guiding you through a number of different countries with confidence. {London, Paris, South Africa and New York to name a few of the places you will travel in this story.} It focuses on 4 young women and follows their life through school and the years after. Lasting friendships that continue to grow and change. I love each one of her characters, I can’t even pick a favorite even though it centers on Rianne and her immediate family and friends. It’s definitely one that I did not want to ever end. Much like most of the books I read. But I am almost happy that it isn’t a series like most of today’s big hits. Sometimes your imagination can finish a book better than an author trying to cash in and pump out extra books. If you have a teen daughter in your house, this book is for them. If you are my age, this book is for you. If you like to read, this book is for you. If you need to escape and live someone else’s life, this book is for you. Love it like a friend. And enjoy an amazing story about the simplicities of love, friendship and life.

“Four Friends, Two Decades. One Glorious Love Story.”

Stick around, 5 more days of book week to go!

P.S. if any of my lovely readers picks one of these books up, let me know! I love to hear if I am actually reaching any of you, or just talking to myself again! Or just write me to say hey! I recently had another cranio mom reach out to me over the blog {that’s a total of 2 now} and it made my day to know I am actually getting my stories out to someone! Thanks for reading! Check back with us soon!

4 thoughts on “Book Week Day 2. {2012 Edition}”

  1. Hi! I’m Heather – we’ve never met but I used to go to school with Brandon and started reading your blog when he posted a link on his Facebook page 🙂 Just wanted to say your son is ridiculously adorable and I’m glad to read that he is recovering well! I’m always on the lookout for good books so I just bought Sundowners at a used book store. I just started another book but will probably read your suggestion next, thanks! Also, if you are looking for suggestions, I’d recommend The Gargoyle (

    PS – your baking looks delish, how are you guys not 500 lbs?! Lol

  2. Heather!
    Thanks so much for leaving a comment! I love to know if this is actually being read by anyone out there! Even more touched that you bought one of my favorite books! I really hope you like it. It’s one of my all time reads. Thanks for following Sawyers story, he was so loved by so many people! I am putting The Gargoyle on my kindle at your suggestion! Looks just up my alley!

    And there has definitely been a weight gain since baking/getting married. Haha No one has developed 0 calorie cupcakes yet!

  3. Loved that book!!! I’ve recommended it to two or three people.
    And I believe my copy ( which is the far left cover) is currently in Toronto

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